Unbridled's leadership team is composed of lifelong, passionate equestrians and professionals

who volunteer their skills and knowledge to Unbridled. Their commitment to the well-being of horses is unwavering,

and they work tirelessly to ensure that every equine in Unbridled's care receives the love, respect, and support they deserve.

The leadership team's diverse backgrounds and experiences allow them to approach challenges with creativity and compassion.

Together, they guide Unbridled towards a sustainable future for all equines in need.

At Unbridled, we are dedicated to fundamentally transforming the way society perceives and treats equines. Backed by a passionate community of over 18,000 supporters, we are at the forefront of advocating for the recognition of the inherent dignity and sentience

of every horse, pony, donkey, and mule. Our unwavering mission is to create a future where the protection and well-being of these magnificent creatures always take precedence over financial gain.