With a wide white blaze painted on her face, four very tall white socks, and a little white heart on her belly, Miss Ruud has the stunning good looks of Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘The Pi’ in National Velvet. The  curious, friendly, and strong handsome colt by her side never knew the suffering of his mother endured to keep him safe in her womb while fighting for life on an overcrowded slaughter bound lot in Louisiana. With a glance, they’ll invite your conscience to consider how two such a magnificent beings could be relegated for meat.  

When we learned of Miss Ruud she was so malnourished and weak that she could barely lift her head. Worry and fear had overtaken her beautiful countenance. She was leg weary and exhausted from trying to survive amid hundreds of horses who had also been sorted for slaughter. 

On December 1, 2021, thanks to the swift support of our loving community, Unbridled was able to rescue Miss Ruud and her unborn foal. Starving and neglected, we didn’t know if she would have the strength to hold onto her pregnancy. While in quarantine in North Carolina, with careful refeeding and specialized grain and supplements, she began to reclaim her health. 

Since arriving at Unbridled on December 31, 2021, Miss Ruud has embraced the consistency and peace of her new home. She eats about 20-lbs of grain a day along with free choice hay and alfalfa. She has gained about 300-lbs, her milk bag is full, and her colt born on April 4, 2022 is perfect in every way. He is sired by OCEAN KNIGHT and will be registered through The Jockey Club to Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation.  He named Prince Ruud as he is the first born colt under the banner of Unbridled. 

Miss Ruud and Prince are blessed with the friendship of Maddie in the adjoining stall. The trio met at Unbridled and enjoy time outside together in the paddock. Maddie, having raised many of her foals, is a very tolerant to the playful Prince, and provides Miss Ruud with some relief from duties of 24/7 motherhood!

You can become an integral part of Miss Ruud's unbridled life by virtually adopting her and joining us in supporting her care and dignity. Miss Ruud requires $26 per day to cover her special needs. Adopt Miss Ruud with a one-time annual sponsorship of $9,500, or a monthly giving plan of $800, or any increment thereof. Every dollar is a precious gift to Miss Ruud. 

​Registered Name: Miss Ruud

Born in Kentucky on March 3, 2009

Sired by Van Nistelrooy Out of Miss What A Day by Miswaki