At Unbridled, we have several beautiful horses ready to move into foster, lease, and adoption partnerships. From non-riding companions to sound, sane, and eager youngsters, your heart horse is looking for you. We are always seeking to place our horses in homes where they will be cherished companions and recognized for their distinct individuality, intelligence, emotions, and personality.  When you adopt from Unbridled, you will discover the joy and wonder of an equine partner and forever friend who can make dreams come true, whether as a backyard companion or a competitor on the show circuit.

Before the adoption process can begin, we’ll ask you to agree to the following:

  • You will not train the horse to race, use them for breeding purposes, sell them at an auction or for slaughter, or use them as a means of transportation on any public roadway.
  • You will permit us to visit the facility where the horses will be stabled.

Unbridled believes in complete transparency. We promise to represent our horses with honesty and integrity, ensuring they are up to date on all vaccinations, deworming, farrier, and dental work. We will openly share their past circumstances, experiences, and accomplishments while in our care. Each horse has been kindly and respectfully taught how to be handled, and we intimately know their personalities, comfort levels, and tolerances. We make every effort to match you with the most compatible horse to create a joyful and lasting relationship.

Adoption Process:

  1. Send an email: Tell us the type of horse you are looking for, your goals, and how you plan to keep the horse and achieve your goals. If we have a suitable horse, we will let you know; if not, we will recommend a local organization that may have your perfect partner.
  2. Our Adoption Contract: Designed to safeguard the horse, our contract allows Unbridled to keep track of each horse's care and condition throughout their lifetime and to help you out should things not go as planned. As an adopter, you will become part of our extended family.
  3. Updates: Adopters agree to send monthly written updates with clear photos during the first year, and quarterly thereafter. This helps Unbridled assure the horse's condition and shows donors the progress and transition of the horses they have contributed to save. Photos may be posted on Unbridled's website and social media pages.