Introduction: My Journey from Fine Arts to Equine Advocacy

As a fine arts student in my youth, I was captivated by the works of Sir Alfred Munnings, George Stubbs, and John Frederick Herring. The art I adored celebrated the racehorse—their beauty, magnificence, athleticism, structure, pedigree, and breeding. To me, there has always been nothing more beautiful than a Thoroughbred. My journey into the world of fine arts began as an effort to craft works that represented these majestic beings who had captured my heart since I witnessed Canonero win the Kentucky Derby.

Over the years, however, I have learned harsh truths about the treatment of horses—how they are exploited, forced into servitude without consent, suffer, and are often slaughtered. Inspired by Carrie Fisher's words, I have transformed my own broken heart, shattered by these realizations, into a lifelong commitment to advocacy through
Unbridled Sanctuary. My mission is to champion best practices in equine care and sanctuary, striving to create a better world for our equine friends.

My art serves as a powerful avenue to share the plight of these noble creatures. Through my creations, I aim to illuminate their essence, giving audiences a reason to pause and appreciate the intricacies of these dynamic multi-dimensional  beings with whom we share our beautiful planet. Horses, like us, possess agency, autonomy, emotional intelligence, personality, social structures, and sentience. They are no different from us, merely in a different form. 

We owe them more—an absolute duty of care and integrity in our guardianship. Through my art, I endeavor to give voice to their stories, to foster empathy, and to inspire a commitment to their well-being. Every mule, donkey, and horse deserves a life free from harm, suffering, and slaughter. My life's work, through Unbridled Sanctuary, is dedicated to ensuring that these magnificent beings are seen, respected, and cherished for the sentient creatures they are.

June - July 2024

The Art Of US | Curated by Susan Kayne

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