Hello, I am Bride, a Thoroughbred mare who celebrated my 26th year this February. My story began like many others of my breed, but it is my journey to, and life at Unbridled Sanctuary that truly define who I am. I was born on a special day in 1998, the very same day my mother turned 8 years old. As I took my first breaths and became visible by her side, little did I know the path that lay ahead of me. 

My early years are a blur of fields, stables, and training for the races. I did not like the racetrack; I showed them how much I despised being forced to run. Even when I was whipped in my only race as a baby, just two years old, I stayed way back from the pack ahead of me. The trainer got the message, and I was never put under the whip again! As bad as that was, two decades later, when a green X was spray-painted across my haunches, it signaled my darkest chapter. There I was, a defeated soul among others, labeled for slaughter. Weak, sick, and feeling vacant of life, not even the chaos of the panicked horses around me could move me.

In that grim place, the air was thick with despair. Horses who once knew gentle hands and warm stalls now faced a chilling fate. The sounds of high-pitched neighs from terrified horses were relentless. Bonds formed over years were shattered in moments, their cries adding to the cacophony of fear. My friend Lovey and I huddled together, a small comfort against the mayhem.

We barely hung on for weeks in the kill pen. Lovey protected me, and somehow fate seemed to hold its breath for us until Unbridled learned of our dire circumstances. They intervened just as another bleak dawn was about to break on February 29, 2020, bringing us to a place of safety and promise.

Arriving at Unbridled was like stepping into a different world. Our bodies bore the marks of neglect and harsh use—a tapestry of scars and tender tendons that spoke of old burdens and past labors. My hind legs and tail showed the signs of my life once tethered and harnessed to heavy loads. It was difficult even to walk without pain, but Lovey stayed by my side, her presence a constant reassurance. Our bones poked up everywhere. We looked like walking skeletons, and weariness accompanied our every step. Yet the gentle hands, soft food, and kind words at Unbridled promised a new chapter.

Here, each day is a step toward healing. Lovey and I are stabled side-by-side with a big open window on the stall wall between us. We are inseparable, and find solace and strength in each other's company. Our bond is a testament to our shared history. 

Our caretakers are attentive and loving. Our every need is met in this comfortable haven. My favorite part of the day is when I paw my bedding into a mound, just so, in the center of my stall to curl up on top of the soft straw. I rest and dream.

In this nurturing environment, I've discovered the joy of treats and grooming, learning that human touch can be gentle and loving. I lean into the curry comb's caress, my lips wiggling with gratitude for the attention to spots I once could not reach. And there's nothing quite like the warmth of a sunny paddock or the satisfaction of a hearty flake of alfalfa hand delivered by Susan when she tucks us in for the night.

Our Sanctuary life includes forming relationships not just with other horses, but with people too. We are part of the community here, engaging with visitors and volunteers who come to read to us, share stories, or simply sit with us in quiet companionship. These moments provide mutual comfort and understanding.

As I reflect on the life I now lead, gratitude fills my heart. I dream of many more peaceful years at Unbridled, surrounded by friends and the beautiful tranquility of the Sanctuary. To those who support Unbridled, know that every donation, visit, and word of encouragement sustains not just our bodies, but our spirits. You help ensure that horses like Lovey and I can live out our days in dignity and peace.

Please, continue to support Unbridled Sanctuary. Your kindness changes lives—lives like mine—and offers a future where once there was none. Your compassion is our hope, and every gesture of support is a promise of better days to come. Thank you for believing in second chances.

smoozzles, Bridey

Registered Name: Spendid Bride

Born in Florida on February 8, 1998

Sired by On The Sauce Out of Battle Bride by Battle Launch