Susan Kayne's groundbreaking television series', Unbridled, Ireland Unbridled, and Real Horse Rescues, have left an indelible mark on the equestrian world, showcasing the beauty, resilience, and challenges faced by horses while inspiring viewers to take action in their protection and well-being.

In 2002, Susan created Unbridled TV, the first-ever equine lifestyle series for broadcast television. Each episode offered viewers an all-access pass to learn from the world's most accomplished and fascinating horse people, sharing their deeply personal stories and the rewards of a life well-spent with horses. The series resonated with both dedicated equestrians and those with a newfound passion for horses, celebrating achievements and offering a world of discovery. In its first season, Unbridled TV was honored with the US Equestrian Federation's coveted Broadcast Media Excellence Award at the Pegasus Awards in Los Angeles. The series ran for an impressive ten seasons, concluding in 2013.

Building upon the success of Unbridled TV, Susan embarked on a new journey with "Ireland Unbridled," a 16-part series that debuted on HRTV in 2012. The series followed Susan, her daughter Rachel Carter, and horse enthusiast Victoria Kohan on a coast-to-coast adventure, experiencing the best of Ireland's equine world. "Ireland Unbridled" not only showcased the magnificent landscapes and incredible horses of the Emerald Isle but also delivered valuable horse care and riding tips from Irish experts, providing viewers with practical knowledge to enhance their own lives with their beloved horses.

In 2015, Susan's advocacy work took a powerful turn with the debut of Real Horse Rescues on ABC-WTEN. This groundbreaking series exposed the harsh realities of equine abuse, neglect, over-breeding, drugging, and the threat of slaughter, shattering the illusion of a peaceful retirement for all Thoroughbreds. By juxtaposing these heartbreaking truths with the inspiring stories of horses finding new purpose as companions, performance partners, teachers, and therapists, Real Horse Rescues moved viewers to take action. The series connected the public with local equine rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters, creating a community resource for education and enrichment. Inspired by Susan's work, viewers donated funds, sponsored and adopted horses, volunteered their services, and spread awareness of equine protection issues.

Through her television work, Susan Kayne has demonstrated the power of storytelling in advocating for the well-being of horses. Her series have not only entertained and educated viewers but have also served as a catalyst for change, inspiring countless individuals to #BeAVoiceForHorses and make a difference in the lives of these magnificent creatures. Susan's journey from Unbridled TV to Real Horse Rescues reflects her unwavering commitment to equine advocacy and her ability to touch hearts and minds through the medium of television.