My name is B's Wild Rush, and I once lived the relentless, pounding existence of a racehorse. I did all that was asked of me on the track, my hooves thundering down the stretch as the deafening roar of the crowd filled my ears. For the humans who laughed and celebrated in the Winner's Circle, it was a thrilling moment; but for me, it was an exhausting drill, a brief respite before the next demanding race. 

When my racing days ended, I did not find the freedom I longed for. Instead, I was led back to a farm in West Virginia, where I embraced a new role as a mother. I poured my heart into my foals, nurturing them with every ounce of tenderness I possessed, until the day they were taken from me, one by one, to chase the dreams of another on the track.

As age crept into my bones and the spark in my stride began to fade, I was led away from the only home I knew. Fear gripped my heart as I was thrust into a world of overcrowded auctions, desperate and frightening, surrounded by the panicked eyes of other horses who shared my fate. I was no longer B's Wild Rush, the champion; I was a number on a barcoded label glued to rump, a commodity, my worth measured by the flicker of bids.

Each sale, each move, chipped away at my spirit, until I found myself on a farm among other horses as broken and worn as I. The cycle seemed unending, until one day, I stepped into a trailer that felt different. When the doors opened at my next destination, my eyes beheld a sight I had nearly forgotten could exist: rolling pastures, peaceful grazing, and horses whose spirits shone with hope.

At Unbridled Sanctuary, I found more than just a place to rest my weary bones. I discovered a home - a haven where my past glories and the scars of my journey could fade away, and I could simply be a horse, cherished for who I am. Here, surrounded by love and understanding, I have found the freedom and peace I always yearned for.

But I am just one of many. There are countless other horses out there, trapped in the cycle of auctions and neglect, desperate for a chance at the life I now lead. Unbridled Sanctuary offers that chance - but they can't do it alone. They need your help.

By donating to Unbridled Sanctuary, you can be a part of something beautiful. Your generosity can mean the difference between a life of suffering and a life of joy for a horse like me. Every gift, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to a world where no horse has to endure what I did.

Will you join Unbridled Sanctuary in their mission? Will you help them give more horses like me the home and the love we deserve? Together, we can make a difference, one horse at a time.  Thank you, from the bottom of my once-broken, now-healing heart,                         

                                                                                    smoozzles ~ B

​Registered Name: B'S WILD RUSH
Born in West Virginia on March 19, 2004
Sired by Wild Rush Out of DrivingMissBertie by Wolf Power (SAF)