ANGIE & SKYE are great examples of the transfiguring impact of Quality Hay 24/7

Horses do best when given access to hay ad lib – as much as they’ll eat. Access to quality hay one of the best investments we make for rescued Horses at Unbridled.

As temperatures begin to drop, hay consumption increases by about 25%. Our rescued horses eat $50 of hay per day. We spend about $1,500 per month on HAY ALONE. We have made the most of this year’s grass, and this evening’s frost will zap out the last of its nutrients rendering its value to lip service.

In the colder months, Thoroughbreds require extra Hay to maintain their body temperature without decreasing body weight. BEGINNING IN SEPTEMBER will go through 4 to 5 Large Round Bales per week! Each Bale weighs about 500-lbs. We can handle the heavy lifting … but we can’t bear the weight of the purchase without your financial help.

 Access to Quality Hay 24/7 is crucial to the health and well-being of our Horses. Not all hay is created equal; we only buy hay that is organic, stored indoors, tested for nutrient content, and from local farmers we know and trust.

As we provide daily care for the Horses we have rescued, we hope we can count on your continued generosity. EVERYDAY, we have a waiting list of a dozen or more Horses in need of urgent care. To aid in their recovery, we must have our portion of Round Bales stocked for Winter. Will you help feed the Herd?

Please click on a link below to make a donation via PayPal | 1 ROUND HAY BALE $65.00 | 2 ROUND HAY BALES $130.00

To mail a check, make it out to UNBRIDLED, and send to: PO Box 122, Greenville, NY 12083

We are grateful to everyone who has stepped up to join our lifesaving efforts. Unbridled relies on the selfless giving of our supporters to continue to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home, and provide sanctuary to horses in need. We are proud to be ASA and GFAS Accredited , and Guardian status with Equus Foundation.

Lead With Your Heart ... and let compassion reign,


Susan Kayne, Founder/President

Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation