Nestled within a spacious stall, cushioned by a thick bed of golden straw, is my haven. Here, as the only mule at Unbridled, my white coat is gently brushed and gleams softly in the light. My large, dark eyes, brimming with stories of sorrow and hope, watch the world around me with quiet wisdom. 

Carefully wrapped hooves are a part of my everyday journey to healing that I'm bravely treading. Unbridled is more than a refuge; it's the beginning of a whole new chapter. As my tale unfolds, I invite you to see the world through these eyes, feel the echoes of my past pain, and rejoice in the peace that now surrounds me.

Fifteen years ago, I was born, likely to a Percheron mom, she was robust and resilient. My life began with an Amish family in Pennsylvania. They recognized my strength and put it to use, but at a cost I couldn't have imagined. The conditions I lived in led to a severe canker in my hind feet, a condition so dire that ending my life was considered. But look into my eyes, and you'll see a will to live that burns fiercely.

My journey to salvation began the day I was dumped at the New Holland auction. As I stood there, tethered to the wall, resigned to my fate, a gentle hand reached out. I felt a surge of hope, a feeling I thought I had lost forever. “It’s OK BIg GUY, I gotch’ya”. The lady kept her promise and brought me and several others to the safety of Heartland. It was paradise from noise and terror at the Auction.

On this day, a human who lived a good life passed away. His name was Arnie, and I am named in honor. That’s how I became Arnie, a name and legacy I carry with pride and joy.

My eyes, which have seen much sorrow, spoke of my desire to live, and the kind souls at Unbridled listened. They expedited my move to New York, where I met Andrew Elsbree, a Certified Journeyman Farrier, and
Dr. Steve E. O'Grady, a renowned veterinarian and farrier. Their expertise and care were my lifelines. The extensive debriding procedures were arduous, but I complied, understanding that each moment was a step toward healing.

Even in the midst of my deepest pain, I never lost hope.I've come a long way since those painful days of canker consuming my hooves. Now, at Unbridled, I'm the only mule, but I'm far from lonely. The female horses here have a particular fondness for me, showering me with affection as I stroll past. Their canoodles and smoozzles are the highlights of my days, bringing laughter and lightness to my heart.

However, the journey hasn't been solely physical. The deeper emotional wounds, the betrayal, and the beatings I endured left scars that only love and time can heal. When I first arrived, a mere caress would send me cowering, trembling with fear. But today, I lean in with trust, offering my neck for a gentle pet, my eyes reflecting love and gratitude.

Each day I feel more confident and relaxed, but the journey is long. I still have much weight to gain and many fears to conquer. 

Unbridled is not just a place; it's my home, my family. Here, I'm not just a mule; I'm Arnie, a being with a story, a soul, and a future. As I continue to heal and thrive, I invite you to be part of my journey. Your support can transform lives, just as mine has been transformed.

In the spirit of my sponsor Shari’s Uncle Arnie, whose name I proudly bear, I ask you to consider supporting Unbridled. Whether through adoption, sponsorship, or a simple donation, your help ensures that this sanctuary continues to be a place of healing and hope for souls like mine.

With every gentle touch, every kind word, I grow stronger. I am Arnie, a testament to the power of love and care. To keep up with me follow my
Facebook Page ARNIE THEMULE where my M.O.M. (Mother Of Mule) chronicles my adventures. 

Join me, and together, let's create a world where every creature gets the chance to live, heal, and be loved. ~ Arnie