Read to the Rescues: Summer Reading Program

Developed by Michelene Wilson | Education Director

"Literacy is the doorway to unlimited opportunities."

— Susan Kayne

Overview:  Read to the Rescues is a transformative literacy and equine engagement program serving over 500 students annually. This volunteer-run initiative  nurtures the joy of reading, enhances comprehension skills, and deepens children's understanding og the 'whoness' of horses.  

Program Details: Participants choose books from our Secret Forest Memorial Library Collection, or bring their own to read to our rescued equine.  Our Horses, Snow Donkeys, and Arnie The Mule listen attentively and encourage the young readers. This unique interaction boosts confidence and transforms even the shyest readers into enthusiastic storytellers.

Impact and Recognition: Parents and teachers report significant improvements in children's reading skills and capacity for empathy. The success of read To The Rescues led to an official partnership with the NYS Libraries Summer Reading Program and recognition by NY State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. To see the program in action, visit Spectrum News Feature.

Beyond Reading: Post-reading sessions include learning about the horse’s rescue story, grooming, and discussions on how we engage with with equine as friends and companions. This tactile approach inspires empathy, teaches responsibility, and invites children to consider how the horse experiences his or her own life. 

2024 and Beyond: In collaboration with Authors, Educators, Libraries, and Schools, Read to the Rescues is always growing!

Join US: Participation in Read to the Rescues is free, but advance reservation is required. Reserve your spot on Eventbrite soon. Join us to inspire literacy, foster a love of literature, and promote compassionate engagement with our equine friends.

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