In every environment, from the intimate setting of a restaurant to the bustling halls of a corporate space, The Horses of Unbridled bring a moment

of tranquility, a chance to contemplate what matters, and an opportunity to see the world through a lens of compassion and understanding.

They remind us that we are all part of a greater tapestry, bound by our shared experiences and our capacity for love, joy, and connection.

THOU Exhibits serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness we share with all living beings. They invite us to pause and consider the depth

of emotions, thoughts, and experiences that reside within each horse. By engaging with their stories and images, viewers are encouraged to

reflect on their own relationships – with animals, with nature, and with each other. The horses become a catalyst for introspection, empathy,

and a renewed appreciation for the beauty and sentience that exists in all forms of life.


June - July


210 Lafayette Avenue

Suffern, NY 10901



 26 CR 353

Rensselaerville, NY 12147

     The Horses Of Unbridled {THOU} Exhibitions are designed to be interactive and immersive, allowing guests to be enveloped not just by

the individual beauty of each image but to concurrently explore the real stories within the frames. Whether dining amidst the artwork at a

restaurant, enjoying an exhibit within a gallery, reading in the presence of our herd at a library, or walking through the corridors of a corporate conglomerate, The Horses of Unbridled bring a profound sense of connection and reflection to the viewer.