Sweet Pea born in Texas in May 2022

Hello, I'm Sweet Pea, Once just a fragile foal shadowed by the grim walls of a Bowie, Texas feedlot. Born amidst the din of despair, my early days were shrouded by the looming threat of a journey no horse should ever endure. My mother, Ginger, with her gentle eyes and worn body, was my fortress in that chaotic world. We were known not by names but by barcodes, mere numbers in a system too vast and cold to see us as living beings with beating hearts.

I remember the sting of hunger, the confusion, and the crowded pens that offered little comfort. The world was a blur of fear and noise, a place where hope seemed as scarce as the nourishment my mother struggled to provide. Yet, despite her own fading strength, she shielded me, her love a constant in our uncertain days.

Our rescue came as a whisper of change on the wind, a promise of something different as we were loaded onto a trailer destined for Unbridled Sanctuary. I didn’t know then what awaited us beyond those long, winding roads. But when we arrived, it felt like stepping into a dream—a place where grass stretched under wide, open skies and kindness touched every corner.

Growing up at Unbridled, I’ve blossomed from that timid foal into a spirited young horse, my days filled with play and exploration. My best friend is Little Pea, a fellow rescue who shares my zest for life. Together, we race across fields, sometimes play with Arnie and SnowBall, and in everything we do, we make new memories far removed from our troubled pasts. We are bound by shared experiences, each of us a testament to the sanctuary’s healing touch.

Looking back, I see not just my own transformation but the sanctuary’s magic in rekindling the spirits of all who pass through its gates. Each day here promises new adventures and the security of a herd that extends beyond just those we share a pasture with. It’s a life of joy, a stark contrast to my first uncertain steps.

To those who support sanctuaries like Unbridled, know that your kindness rewrites stories like mine. It turns places of once-pending doom into playgrounds of possibility. For every frolic in the fields, every peaceful night's rest, I am thankful. Let my story be a beacon for others still waiting in the shadows, a call to bring more lost souls into the warm embrace of care and compassion.

smoozzles, Sweet Pea