​Registered Name: I'm Lucky

Born in Florida on March 04, 2002

Sired by Lucky Lionel Out of DrivingMissBertie by Wolf Power (SAF)

 Meet "I'm Lucky," a thoroughbred mare born into the Sport Of Kings, with acclaimed parents steeped in international racing and cross-country victories. Picture her elegant figure, draped in a fiery red coat, commanding the spotlight in every post parade, her beautiful face distinguished by a striking white blaze beneath a pair of blinkers.

Imagine her triumphant return to the Winner's Circle — adrenaline pulsating, sweat glistening, nostrils flaring — her neck arched in the sweet victory. When the blinkers come off, the world is introduced to her enchanting mahogany eyes, radiating a calmness and quiet dignity amid the chaos of victory.

Born on March 4th, 2002, in the vast 3,800-acre landscape of Adena Springs South Farm in Florida, Lucky's life began under the watchful eyes of her mother. However, this serene beginning was cut short by the harsh reality of the racing world as she was weaned prematurely.

Lucky’s brilliance shone on the racetrack. She secured 6 victories, amassing $117,500 in earnings. In 2005, as a three-year-old, she was among her sire’s top-earning runners. Despite her success, the toll of her racing career was heavy — arthritis, damaged cartilage, and bone spurs served as painful reminders of her sacrifice.

A botched throat surgery left her voiceless, depriving her of a fundamental way to express her discomfort or needs. After her final race at Charles Town on Feb. 23rd, 2007, where she put forth a valiant effort to place third, she had given all she had. The fans adored her, having seen her race fifteen times around the oval in West Virginia, yet her racing career was over.

At the age of 16, drained of her spirit and vigor, Lucky was discarded. She was taken to the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania, bought for mere pennies on the pound by a horse meat broker. She was skinny, sick, and dispirited — a huge calcified ankle a testament to her painful past, her voice stolen, unable to plead for help.

However, Lucky's story doesn't end here. Thanks to the generosity of Unbridled's supportive community, funds were pooled to rescue her from this grim fate. Her arrival at Unbridled marked the beginning of a new chapter. She was slowly nursed back to health, from a sick, weary horse, to a lively, joyful mare we now know and love as 'Miss Independence' and 'The Snack Queen'.

Today, Lucky thrives in our Sanctuary. She is a welcoming figure to newcomers and has a heartwarming fondness for Ricola cough drops, a delightful quirk discovered by a volunteer! Lucky is a dependable companion to fellow rescues and a patient listener to children participating in 'Read To The Rescues.' She even indulges us during special events, donning costumes and offering a soft cheek to those in need of a comforting hug.

Although voiceless, Lucky communicates powerfully through her expressive eyes, nostril flares, and head nods. Lucky's story, like that of every Chestnut Mare, is a testament to life, love, and kindness that resides in every horse's heart.

At Unbridled, we strive to shape a future where horses like Lucky receive the love, respect, and the opportunity they deserve to truly thrive. You can be a part of this change. Support and sponsor Lucky's continued journey in our Sanctuary. Together, we can make a difference.