Hello, I'm Miss Libby, a New York-bred Thoroughbred mare, and this is my miraculous 15th year—the Birthday I celebrated in March almost didn't come. Born on the grounds of McMahon Thoroughbreds in Saratoga, a facility dedicated to the mass production of thoroughbred horses, my path was laid out from the beginning. I was brought into this world to generate profits for those involved in the 'Sport of Kings.'

My early days were predetermined. Changing hands in auctions three times before my second birthday. The racetrack became my world; Aqueduct, Belmont Park, Saratoga. Race after race, I did all that was asked of me, pushing through the aches and pains that accumulated with each successive run. I gave my heart and soul, not for my own fulfillment, but to satisfy the demands of those whom I served. When victorious, I stood in the Winner's Circle, out of breath and exhausted from the effort, all the while wondering if this was truly the life I was meant to lead.

As my body grew weary and my speed diminished, the cheers of the crowd faded into distant echoes. No longer a champion, I was sent back to the place of my birth to become a mother. I bore three foals at McMahon, each a piece of my heart, hoping each time that it would secure my place a little longer. But after my fourth foal, born in West Virginia, my worth was no longer measured in victories or gentle nuzzles, but by the cold, hard weight of my flesh.

Sold to a horse meat broker, I faced the grim reality of my fate. The broker's lot was a place of shadows and despair, where the winter sun barely penetrated the gloom. My body ached from neglect, my spirit withered like a plant deprived of light.

But on the eve of Christmas 2023, as I stood on the brink of my demise, I was rescued and brought to Unbridled Sanctuary. The journey was long and frightening; each new place, each unfamiliar sound, sent my heart racing with uncertainty. What new horrors awaited me?

Yet, what I found was not further torment, but a place of healing. At Unbridled Sanctuary, gentle hands tended to my wounds, both physical and emotional. Nourishing food filled my belly, and clean water quenched my thirst. Slowly, my body regained its strength, and my coat began to shine once more. In the tranquility of the Sanctuary, I found companionship with Marrazano, another horse who had faced a fate similar to mine. Together, we healed, our bond a testament to the power of compassion and understanding.

Now, I spend my days not dwelling on the hardships of the past, but savoring the peace of the present. Each new day brings the promise of comfort and care. The fear that once filled my eyes has been replaced by a gentle calmness, a reflection of the sanctuary's nurturing embrace. My spirit, once shackled by the need to survive, now roams freely in the lush pastures, watched over by those who have pledged to protect me.

At Unbridled Sanctuary, I have discovered a strength that comes not from racing or breeding, but from the love and respect I receive. My caretakers speak not of bets or prize money, but of the joy I bring to their lives. They value me not for what I can win, but for the contented whinnies and gentle steps I take alongside my fellow residents.

Yet, even as I have found my haven, I know there are countless others like me who still cry out for help. This is why I share my story with you, in the hope that it will inspire you to act. Your support can lead more horses like me to safety, to a life where they are cherished for who they are, not what they can do.

Be a part of our journey, make a donation in my honor, sponsor, adopt, foster, volunteer, and show the world that every horse deserves a chance to live, to love, and to be loved in return. Horses like me, we need your action and voice! Your generosity means more than you can imagine. It is not just a gift of life for one horse; it is a ripple of hope and healing that extends far beyond the boundaries of our Sanctuary. Together, we can celebrate more birthdays, more rescues, more lives transformed, and  build a world where no horse is left behind.
With heartfelt whinnies &
smoozzles, Libby

​Registered Name: Miss Libby

Born in New York on March 8, 2009

Sired by Desert Warrior Out of Via Mizner by Forty Niner