When we discovered Fudge Ripple on a crowded feedlot in North Carolina. We saw an aged, emaciated, and exhausted Mare who needed a miracle. Her body was wasting and her skeleton protruding; she was starving from the inside out. Blindness clouded her right eye, and her beautiful face was still bleeding and disfigured from a fresh fracture to her nose. She had been stripped of her dignity, ridden hard, and sorted for slaughter. 

Prior to landing on the feedlot, Ripple had been dumped at a local livestock auction and sold to a horse meat broker notorious for the filth and cruelty of his operation. She was stranded. Frail and vulnerable, she would likely be trampled in the normal struggle to survive the feedlot while waiting her turn to load onto a slaughter bound tractor trailer to ship to Mexico.

Within hours of being loaded for the horrific 36-hour trip without food or water, our loving supporters rallied the funds to save her life. On Sunday, August 10, 2020, our transporter picked up a battered and bruised old mare whose spirit never gave up. One month after her quarantine, Ripple joined her new family at Unbridled in New York.

The resilience of Ripple is remarkable. Within three months, she gained over 200-lbs! As she ate and ate, she let go of anxiety and worry, and today she shines with a new light and radiates love.  At Unbridled, RIPPLE is beloved and celebrated, she is a favorite of ‘Rescue Readers’ and her sweet snuggles and #smoozzles make memories to last a lifetime.

Ripple is beautifully pedigreed. She is a granddaughter of the 1978 Triple Crown winner AFFIRMED. And a maternal granddaughter of the 1972 Epsom Derby winner ROBERTO. Her granddam ANN’S ROBERTO is a full sister to the Champion Stallion KRIS S.

​You can become an integral part of Ripple's unbridled life by virtually adopting her and joining us in supporting her care and dignity. Ripple requires $26 per day to cover her special needs. You can support Ripple with a one-time annual sponsorship of $9,500, or a monthly giving plan of $800, or any increment thereof. Every dollar is a precious gift to Ripple.

​Registered Name: Fudge Ripple

Born in Oklahoma on April 29, 1998

Sired by Particular Item Out of Roberto's Ripple by Fountain Of Gold