​​Registered Name: On Demand

Born in Kentucky on May 5, 2005

Sired by Giant's Causeway Out of The Administrator by Afleet

Hello, I'm Mandy, but you might have known me as On Demand back when my life was full of flashbulbs and racetrack cheers. I was born on a cool, spring morning at Mount Brilliant Farm in Kentucky—a place as grand as it sounds, and steeped in the history of Thoroughbred legends. The pastures there were lush, the air filled with promises. As a daughter of Giants Causeway, I had a lineage meant to blaze my own trails in the racing world. 

My early days were marked by care and attention, everyone eager to see what I could become. I remember the flutter of excitement at the Keeneland Sales Ring; I was more than just a horse—I was a $500,000 investment, a potential star. A new charge in the stable of NetJets founder Richard Santulli! My training days were rigorous, pushing me to limits I hadn’t known, and it paid off when I won races wearing Santulli's colors. But as quickly as my star rose, it began to dim.

After my brief racing career, I found myself at Sagamore Farm as a broodmare. The transition was abrupt. The rigors of racing was replaced by the expectations of motherhood. Year after year, I bore foals who were spirited away to chase their destinies, possibly to face the same fate as mine. When my days of bearing potential champions were deemed over, I felt the shift. No longer a treasure, I became a burden. Unwanted and forgotten, I ended up far from the green pastures of my youth, marked for slaughter in North Carolina. The terror of that place—cold, loud, and harsh—is something I wish upon no creature. It was a stark betrayal of everything I had lived for.

But even in the darkest moments, there was a flicker of hope. Greg Goodman of Mount Brilliant, along with the beautiful souls at Unbridled Sanctuary, saw to it that my story didn’t end in a place of fear and despair. They brought me to Unbridled, a sanctuary where the pastures are once again lush and the burdens of my former life are lifted.

Life here is peaceful, and I've found my friends in
Honorett and Katouni, mares who share similar stories. We spend our days grazing and gently trotting through fields, no longer racing against time but moving with it gracefully. Every new dawn brings a soft promise, not of victories or earnings, but of love, care, and respect—simple joys I once knew as a foal at Mount Brilliant.

If my tale moves you, remember that there are many others like me, souls in equine bodies, deserving of dignity and compassion beyond their prime. Support sanctuaries like Unbridled, not just for me, but for the preservation of grace and dignity for all horses. Every contribution weaves into the fabric of stories like mine, allowing us to live out our days with peace and respect—a final, loving home where every sunset is a promise of another beautiful day to come, not a prelude to darkness.

Thank you for hearing my story. Let it be a reminder of the strength and beauty that survives in the hearts of all creatures, no matter their utility to others. And let it inspire kindness, for in kindness, you find the truest form of strength. 

smoozzles, Mandy