My earliest memories are of the warm comfort of my mother's presence on the massive farm where I was born. We thoroughbreds were mere products there, brought into existence to fuel the New York racing machine. But my life changed forever that August day when the van carried us to Susan's farm. 

Stepping down the ramp beside my mother, I surveyed my new surroundings with bright, curious eyes. The halter encircling my face bore a yellow tag with my birthdate and dam's name - my identity reduced to a few scribbled words. But Susan snipped it off and gave me a name. She called me Speedy  for how I outran the other foals in our romps across green pastures under open skies.  I loved to run, and when I was done, my mama nuzzled and nursed me.

I inherited my father's strength and my sweet mother's gentle spirit. Susan saw something more in me though - an extra dimension lighting up my gaze that captivated her. As I grew and naturally separated from my mother and began training, a deep bond grew between us. I sensed her love and conflict - she believed in my potential as a champion, yet increasingly questioned the ethics of the racing world she was grooming me for.

The day I officially became Baal Perazim, I could feel Susan's turmoil. She had promised her syndicate to campaign me, but her heart whispered it was a betrayal, a conscription into a dangerous battle I would never chose. I wanted only to please her, I was unaware of the drugs and pain that awaited me on the track. 

Susan, if you're listening - I know you struggled. In the end, you were my salvation. You found the courage to break from that world, and to give me the forever home I needed. My days are now filled with tranquility and joy, thanks to your love. You stayed true to your word, and to me.

There's nowhere I'd rather be than here with you, at peace in green pastures.  snaps & smoozzles, your Speedy 

Registered Name:Baal Perazim

Born in New York on March 25, 2009
Sired by Wild Desert, out of Valid Precision by Valid Appeal

Joined the Unbridled Foundation Family in July 2019.