In an ideal world there would be no demand for the lifesaving work of Unbridled. Little Sweet Pea, and her mother would have been loved and cherished -- not relegated to the slaughter pipeline. Unbridled rescued Ginger and Sweet Pea in May 2022.
When we discovered Ginger & Sweet Pea, they were no longer known by their names. Indifference had already erased their history and traded their identity for a barcoded sticker issued by the USDA. The thickly glued on sticker had cleared them to be killed for what little meat clung to their bones.  

Ginger was starving and weak, while Sweet Pea, a fragile newborn Filly was barely able to stand. It is a miracle that the pair survived the cruelty, disease, and stress of the overcrowded livestock holding pens in Texas.
On arrival at Unbridled, Ginger was so malnourished that her muscles had begun to waste. She had no milk for Sweet Pea, and both were so emaciated that we questioned their ability to tolerate refeeding.
Unhandled and terrified of human hands, little nibbles of Nutrena and mouthfuls of alfalfa offered without a touch gave Ginger & Sweet Pea a chance to experience the kindness of humans. Within a few weeks, Ginger’s milk bag filled, and she nurtured and began to nourish her little Filly. 

Fast forward to November 2022, Ginger is plump and thriving. She is cautious, but no longer frightened around humans. Sweet Pea is growing strong and stout. She loves attention so much that she will leave her grain for hugs, scratches, and smoozzles. 
The story of Ginger & Sweet Pea is that of tens of thousands of innocent and vulnerable horses. Very beautiful horses who after doing all that has been asked of them are thrown away and slaughtered every year.