​​​​"Born at our behest, shaped by our ambitions, these magnificent animals  deserve more than a tragic end;

they deserve our lifelong commitment. Anything less is a betrayal of our moral duty." ~Susan Kayne.

Every year, over 7,500 formerly treasured American Thoroughbreds and an additional 20,000 horses of different breeds face the grim reality of violent deaths in slaughterhouses across Mexico and Canada. Moreover, numerous others in the United States are slaughtered in Nebraska and New Jersey to be used as food for zoo animals.

Across ages, pedigrees, and past glories, thousands of Thoroughbreds—and tens of thousands of horses of all breeds—are cruelly transported to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico every year. They come from racetracks, training centers, breeding farms, and even family backyards. Whether they're newly retired racers, senior broodmares, or underperforming offspring, their fate is tragically the same: they are discarded and their value is reduced to mere cents per pound.

The financial burden of caring for a horse over its 30-plus-year lifespan is substantial. When Thoroughbreds no longer offer financial benefits, they are often relegated to the devastating slaughter pipeline.

But there is hope. Thanks to our compassionate community, UNBRIDLED has saved hundreds of Thoroughbreds from this grim fate. When we identify a horse at risk, we work tirelessly—often with just 24 to 48 hours—to secure the necessary funds, sometimes reaching out to past breeders, trainers, and owners for help. Every second and every dollar counts in these life-or-death situations.

For the horses we rescue, we offer more than just safety; we give them the invaluable gift of time to heal and rediscover their dignity. Recovery is a long, costly journey, but at Unbridled, the horses set the pace. We honor their individual needs and, when they're ready, match them with suitable adopters, foster partners, or trainers. Those with special needs find a permanent home in our Sanctuary.

When you support UNBRIDLED, you're not just donating; you're saving lives.

Your contribution is a lifeline, providing immediate and critical help where it's most needed. Join us in this vital mission. For the horses, and for the better angels of our own nature.

When you give to UNBRIDLED, YOU SAVE  LIVES.