My life began in the rolling hills of Kentucky, where the bluegrass grows lush and the sun shines bright. I was born a coal-black Thoroughbred in the year 2006, sired by the great Gone West, whose bloodlines traced back to the legendary Secretariat. From the moment I took my first breath, expectations were placed upon me, and my fate seemed sealed.

I was sold at auction as a yearling for a substantial sum, the echo of the gavel ringing in my ears as I was led away from the only home I had ever known. The world of racing awaited me, but it was a life I never desired. The rigid training sessions and the pressure to perform weighed heavily on my spirit, and I longed for something more.

When I was brought to a farm after becoming injured in training, that is where I met Celeste. She reminded me of my mother, but much bigger in size. Her kindness though was just as huge. She looked out for me, and protected me as learned the lay of the land. She had been raised on the farm since birth, never knowing the harsh realities of auctions or the demands of the racetrack. Her life had been one of love, security, and achievement in the realm of eventing.

Celeste became my guide and my solace in this new life. Her gentle nature and nurturing presence helped to soothe my restless soul. In the pastures we shared, I learned the true meaning of companionship and found a sense of belonging that I had never known before.

As the years passed, Celeste and I grew ever closer. She became the family I had always yearned for, her loyalty and affection unwavering in the face of life's challenges. Together, we endured being moved from our farm, and mourning the loss of our beloved leader John, and found comfort in each other's presence when our spirited friend, Peggy, passed away.

Now, as I trot alongside Celeste through the tranquil pastures of Unbridled Sanctuary, I am filled with gratitude for the life we have been given. This sanctuary has provided us with a safe haven, a place where we can live out our days with dignity and respect, surrounded by those who understand the deep bonds that horses form.

To those who hear our story, I ask that you consider supporting sanctuaries like Unbridled. These special places offer a second chance at life for horses like Celeste and me, and for all creatures who deserve to know love and compassion. Your support makes a world of difference, and for that, we are forever grateful.  
smoozzles, Seared 

​Registered Name: Seared

Born in Kentucky on May 9, 2006

Sired by Gone West Out of Kumari Continent by Kris S.