Meet The Horses of Unbridled (THOU)

Unbridled Sanctuary is a fortress of love, protection, and refuge for 60 horses, donkeys, and Arnie the mule. They reside in sanctuary and are affectionately known as T.H.O.U., an acronym for The Horses of Unbridled. These magnificent equines, mostly Thoroughbreds, have been saved from the clutches of cruelty and the slaughter pipeline. Their stories as remarkable survivors echo the untold tales of tens of thousands of innocent equines brutally lost in slaughterhouses. Unbridled tirelessly advocates to end horse slaughter. 

Unbridled invites you to experience the distinct personalities, rich emotions, and keen intelligence that define each of our equine residents. Here, we honor and celebrate a thousand years of sentient lives—or the "WHO-NESS" of horses as we like to call it! This deep-rooted ethos fuels every aspect of our mission, illuminating the true essence of each horse and inspiring a greater respect for their being as we share this beautiful life together.

Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about the incredible journeys of our residents and discover the heartwarming tales that make Unbridled Sanctuary such a special place. At Unbridled, every horse has a name, a story, and a voice.