River Barrow's story is both heartrending and inspirational, encapsulating the harsh realities often faced by racehorses and their subsequent rescue. As a great-granddaughter of the Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, she was once considered invaluable. Born under the ownership of Ormonde Farm in Canada, she raced in both the United States and Canada, earning black type at the age of two and amassing $114,825 over 35 starts at seven different racetracks.

In 2017, River Barrow was sold to Royal Kraft Sr., an active member of the Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association. There, on a small farm, she began a new chapter and produced four foals who collectively earned over $140,000 on the racetrack. 

Tragically, River Barrow's fate took a distressing turn following Kraft's passing in 2020. Uninterested family heirs disposed of River Barrow and her pasture mates through the notoriously harsh Dominique's Livestock Market in Opelousas, LA. Auctioned off by the pound, she ended up in the Louisiana Feedlot of Jacob Thompson, a grim waypoint in the slaughter pipeline. Alone, frightened, and severely underweight, she was in desperate need of rescue.

Amid this dire situation, Unbridled discovered River Barrow. Disturbingly, although she had been bailed out, she had been left stranded on the lot with no place to call home. When Unbridled learned of her ongoing plight, we made space to bring her home, along with Beauty, Censored, and Joy, who all faced the same terrifying prospect of slaughter. Despite her traumatic past and neglect, River Barrow, under Unbridled's dedicated care, made a significant recovery.

Today, River Barrow thrives, her resilience and the power of dedicated care shining through. Cherished as part of the #UnbridledFamily, she manages her residual lameness from racing days with the aid of Adequan treatments. She has formed close bonds with Joy and Beauty, making up a much-loved trio at the stable. River Barrow's story continues to inspire, and we hope it touches your heart, prompting you to become her Adequan Angel. Your support will help her continue her journey towards lasting health and happiness.

River Barrow ūü§ć

‚ÄčRegistered Name: River Barrow

Born in Ontario, Canada on April 29, 2004

Sired by Cat's At Home Out of Valid Secret by Valid Appeal