​Registered Name: Town On Fire

Born in Florida on January 4, 2003

Sired by Delaware Township Out of Dancing With Fire by Woodman

Hello, my name is Town on Fire, and this is my story, intertwined with that of my dear friend, Queen of the Bayou.

Like Queen, I was born into a world that valued me for what I could produce, not for who I am. Bred by a billionaire, Satish Sanan, at his prestigious Padua Stable, I was destined for a life of servitude. Despite my Thoroughbred lineage, I found myself in the Quarter Horse industry, where I was used to produce offspring year after year. 

It wasn't long before I realized the harsh realities of this world. The Quarter Horse industry, known for its pro-slaughter stance, saw me as nothing more than a commodity. When I could no longer fulfill my purpose, I was discarded like countless others, ending up in a slaughter-bound feedlot in Oklahoma.

It was in that bleak place,  that I found myself in June, facing a grim fate. Little did I know that just a few months later, I would meet a kindred spirit who would change my life forever.

In late September, I was loaded onto a trailer alongside another mare named Queen of the Bayou. We didn't know where we were going, but the trailer sure was nice. It seemed like the last several trailers we were on felt like the wheels were about to fall off, with uncovered slats in their sides letting in the wind, the noise, and the elements. But this time, it was different. The trailer was fancy, and the horses inside were fat and shiny. The people who transported us were very nice, too. They gave us  fresh hay, and they stopped frequently to give us drinks of water. It was a welcome change! As we journeyed together, Queen and I began to share our stories and quickly discovered a deep connection.

Queen and I had both experienced the harsh realities of being used and discarded by the industries we once served. We bore the physical and emotional scars of our past, but we also shared something else—a curious marking known as the Prophet's Thumbmark on our necks.

As we talked, we realized that these unique thumbprints, mirroring each other on our necks, seemed to hold a special significance. In ancient lore, the Prophet's Thumbmark was said to be a symbol of divine protection and a mark of a great destiny. For Queen and me, these marks became a symbol of our shared resilience and a promise of a better future ahead.

Despite the different paths that led us to that trailer—Queen being rescued in late August and myself being saved from the feedlot a few months earlier in June—our bond was instant and unbreakable. It was as if the Prophet's Thumbmarks had brought us together, two souls destined to find solace and strength in each other.

As we arrived at Unbridled and began our new lives, the significance of our matching marks only grew. They served as a constant reminder of our shared experiences, our resilience, and the incredible journey that had brought us together. In a world that had once seen us as disposable, these thumbprints were a symbol of our worth and our right to a life filled with love and compassion.

When Unbridled Sanctuary rescued us, our lives were forever changed. We traded the confines of the feedlot for the wide-open spaces of the sanctuary. Here, we found the love and care we had always craved.

As Queen and I roamed the fields together, I couldn't help but reflect on my past. The silence from my former owner, Satish Sanan, despite Unbridled's attempts to reach out, was deafening. How could someone who had invested so much in the racing world, who had celebrated the successes of horses like Curlin, turn a blind eye to my plight? It was a stark reminder of the disposable nature of our existence in the eyes of those who once profited from us.

But in the companionship of Queen and the warmth of the Unbridled community, I found the strength to move forward. My story, like Queen's, is a testament to the resilience of the equine spirit and the transformative power of compassion.

To all who hear our tales, you can be our voice by sharing our story and supporting Sanctuaries like Unbridled, which offer a lifeline to the forgotten. Hold accountable those who benefit from our labor and demand that they take responsibility for our well-being, even after we've served our purpose. Together, let us create a world where the value of a horse is not measured by their utility, but by their inherent worth as living beings. Let our stories be the catalyst for a more compassionate future, where no horse is left behind.