​Registered Name: Time For Angie

Born in California on Feburary 14, 2011

Sired by Time To Get Even Out of Amorous Angie by Gold Case

In the heart of Loveacres Ranch on Valentine's Day, 2011, a dark brown filly named Time for Angie took her first breath. Bred by Terry Lovingier, a notable figure in California's racing scene, Angie was a blend of champion lineage, sired by Time To Get Even and born of Amorous Angie.

Across 32 races, Angie demonstrated her spirit and agility, securing $344,830 in prize money. However, her final race on July 16, 2016, at Belmont Park, ended in struggle. Her tendons gave way, and she was removed from the track in a 'horse ambulance'.

Angie's post-racing life took a dire turn when she and her shedrow companion, Touching My Toes, ended up in a large-scale neglect case in Columbia County. In March 2019, Unbridled rescued them, finding them emaciated and starved, having resorted to consuming their own muscle to survive.

At Unbridled, Angie and Toes have undergone a miraculous transformation, collectively gaining around 700 pounds. Angie's competitive spirit hasn't waned; she's become the self-appointed leader of her herd, patrolling the Sanctuary's borders and keeping her companions in line with playful authority.

Angie relishes the attention and care she receives at Unbridled, showing a particular fondness for grooming and treats. Yet, beneath her tough exterior is a horse who loves play and companionship.

More than anything, Angie longs for a sponsor to call her own, someone who understands her competitive heart and spirited nature. To support Angie is to embrace her journey and ensure that her days are filled with the love and dignity she deserves.

As she stands guard over her herd, Angie is watching for that special someone who will see the champion she is, inside and out. Your support can make a difference in Angie's life and help Unbridled continue their critical work in providing a safe haven for these majestic creatures. Donate today and become part of Angie's inspiring story of resilience and hope.