Hello, I’m Champ, also known as Desi,  and this is my story. I was born on a frigid February morning in 2007, marked from the start by an affinity for movement and speed, traits that shaped the many phases of my life. From my earliest days under Susan's care, I felt cherished. She would saddle me up for gentle walks, her presence a reassuring constant as I took my first steps into the broader world.

As I grew older, my curiosity expanded along with my strides. When I naturally separated from my mother, it felt as though the world had opened up for me. Susan introduced me to training at various farms, where I began to truly gallop, relishing the rush of the wind and the burgeoning strength in my muscles. These were happy days, filled with the excitement of learning and the thrill of my own speed.

Then came the racetrack—an entirely new world. The atmosphere was charged, a stark contrast to the tranquility of the farms. Here, I was subjected to unfamiliar routines and tension that tested my patience—I was poked, prodded, and had tubes put down my nose. Despite the initial culture shock, I adapted and rolled with the new challenges. My first race was eye-opening. I hung back at the start, observing and learning. When the finish line came into view, all my training kicked in, and I surged forward, finishing second. To everyone's surprise, the quiet observer had nearly clinched a win.

My time in racing was characterized by constant change—different trainers and varying routines. However, a persistent tendon injury introduced me to the limits of my physical capabilities. Hospital visits and treatments became part of my routine, yet I remained determined, returning to training each time with a renewed spirit. When racing no longer suited me, Susan retired me from the track. We returned to pleasure riding, exploring trails and farms. It was during this gentler chapter that I discovered jumping. The rhythm and pace of jumping suited me—it was more about partnership and grace, a dance between horse and rider.

Then, Gillian entered my life. A young, vibrant spirit, she adored me, and our connection was immediate and profound. We shared many joyful rides, each moment strengthening our bond. Unfortunately, an injury cut our competitive journey short, and after a heartfelt goodbye with Jillian and her mother Wendy, I retired for good.

Back under Susan's care at Unbridled, my life settled into a peaceful rhythm. Gillian and Wendy visit often, bringing echoes of our best days back with their laughter and stories. Now, I enjoy light rides that keep my mind engaged and my body active. It’s a slower pace, one that allows for reflection on the myriad experiences of my life.

As I live always protected by Unbridled, I am filled with gratitude for the life I’ve led—a life full of challenges and change, but also of immense love and companionship. To those who read my story, know that not every horse has a safety net like I did. Supporting sanctuaries like Unbridled makes a profound difference in the lives of horses who need a place to call home. We thrive on care and connection, finding peace and purpose in our later years through the kindness of those who advocate for us.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. Remember, every bit of your support helps ensure more horses find a haven as loving as Unbridled, where every sunset brings promise and every dawn is a new beginning. smoozzles, Desi 

​Registered Name: Desenfrenado 

Born in New York on Feburary 15, 2007

Sired by Catienus Out of Austin Runner by Houston