My name is Noelle, a Percheron mare whose life has been as broad and sturdy as the shoulders I was bred to bear. In my early days, the rhythm of labor marked my existence—my hooves clattering against hard soil as I pulled not just plows, but the burdens of expectation. Though I cannot recall my exact birthdate, my beginnings were modest, filled with the tangible weight of work. 

My journey to Unbridled Sanctuary began in a stark and unsettling manner. I found myself standing, bewildered, amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces at a crowded auction, where the murmurs of my past accomplishments were drowned out by the clamor for bids. It was a cold December day in 2022 when the harsh reality struck me: I was no longer valued for my strength, but priced for my flesh. Fear was palpable. 

I was brought to the auction with Rahy, and I tried to protect her from the other horses. We were caked in thick mud, cold, hungry, and lame. At the auction, we were separated to be sold. I panicked when Rahy left my limited sight, as I am partially blind in my right eye. I was brought into the loud sales arena behind her. I pushed to go in with her, but they beat me back, yelling. She came out the other side trembling, and then I was dragged in. The sounds were deafening. I whinnied to her, but she couldn't hear me.

But amidst that chaos, a miracle unfolded. The folks from Unbridled saw beyond the tapestry of scars and the wear in my stride—they saw me. As the auctioneer's voice rose and fell, so did my hopes, until they finally settled in safe hands. I was rescued, not just from the clutches of a grim fate, but from the invisibility I had worn like a cloak among the crowd. 

Now, at Unbridled, life has taken a gentler pace. Here, I am known for my calm demeanor and the slow, ambling walks I favor at sunrise. The scars that once defined my value now narrate my resilience. I've formed a special bond with Rahy, a fellow soul whose past whispers in the same tones of neglect and recovery. We share snuggles that speak of understanding and shared secrets of survival, a friendship that blankets us from the remnants of our old fears. In this sanctuary, my days are woven with the quiet joys of grazing alongside my dear friends Rahy and Ginger, and the comfort of a stable that feels like a true home. Here, every sunrise promises not labor but peace, not burden but hope.

As I stand here, amid the lush fields of Unbridled, I am profoundly grateful for the life I now lead. I dream of days filled with gentle touches and kind words, a future where every horse might know the warmth of a safe haven. To those who listen to our stories, I extend a heartfelt appeal: support sanctuaries like Unbridled. It is not just a place of rescue, but a cradle of second chances. Your support can turn the tide for others like me, others who wait in the shadows of uncertainty, yearning for a whisper of compassion. 

In our shared whispers and warm snuggles, in the freedom of our fields, we find not just survival, but a life reclaimed. Join us in this mission of mercy and love—be a part of our continuing journey. Together, let's ensure that no horse is left behind, that every gentle giant like me finds their way to a forever pasture.

smoozzles, Noelle