Hello, my name is Queen of the Bayou, and this is my story.

I was born on March 12, 2008, under the skies of Louisiana, bred into the sport of kings with the sole purpose of being a racehorse. The humans around me spoke of promise as my powerful, elongated stride developed beautifully in training. They came to watch me gallop and breeze, but it overshadowed the delicate structure of my ankles, a chestnut mare in the sanctuary.

Despite the strain, I gave my all on the racetrack. I had one shining moment when I ran like a champion, crossing under the wire first and standing in the Winner's Circle at Louisiana Downs in 2011 with my part-owner at that time, Aaron Kennedy. He joined me in the circle, smiling and giving me a pat. However, the glory was short-lived as the unforgiving nature of racing caught up with my ankle that just could not withstand the grinding reality of the sport.

Forced into retirement, I found myself in a new role as a mother, a broodmare whose worth was measured by the foals I could produce. While motherhood brought fleeting moments of joy, it was a far cry from the life that I longed for—the carefree days I enjoyed in my youth, free and frolicking in pastures, running for the pure joy and fun of it.

Life took a devastating turn when I found myself in a slaughter-bound feedlot in Oklahoma. I was discarded like a broken tool no longer of use. Maybe it was because I was skinny and so sore. My back leg was so swollen and hurt so bad, that injured ankle had to help carry me. It was there, in my darkest hour, that an echo from my past remembered me and helped Unbridled to save me. Aaron Kennedy, moved by my plight, ensured my safe passage to the Sanctuary at Unbridled.

At Unbridled, I have found a haven of renewal and peace, far from the demands of the racing world. My days are filled with the soft whispers of the wind and the companionship of my dear friends, Town and CD, who share my pain and my healing journey. Together, we find solace in each other's presence, our shared experiences a testament to the resilience of our spirits.

I am forever grateful for this second chance at life and the tranquil days that lie ahead. To all who hear my story, know that your support can make a world of difference for horses like me, cast aside by an industry that values profit over compassion. Your kindness has the power to rescue and restore, offering us the opportunity to live out our lives with dignity and peace.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for considering the true cost of the sport of kings. Together, we can create a kinder world for all horses, where our worth is measured not by our ability to perform, but by the inherent value of our lives.

         ​smoozzles, Queen 

​Registered Name: Queen Of The Bayou

Born in Louisiana on March 12, 2008

Sired by K One King Out of Smarter is Better by Beau Genius