And in 2024, we're organizing our biggest annual event, our 20th Anniversary Gala on August 10thThe days are long and unrelenting, often stretching into 18-hour marathons of tireless dedication.

Amidst the unrelenting demands, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a lifeline to as many horses as possible. Our phone never stops ringing, and our hearts never stop breaking for those we cannot immediately bring into our fold. 

As a volunteer-run public charity, we rely on the power of compassion and the generosity of our volunteers' time and energy, as well as our supporters to fund our life-saving work. Looking forward into the next 20 years, every dollar donated is a lifeline, a promise of hope for horses who depend on us. They have nowhere else to turn but to us, and no one else to be their voice and protect them.

At Unbridled Sanctuary, we're not just caretakers; we're warriors in the fight for equine lives. We invite you to join us in this battle, to join the Unbridled Revolution, to embolden and usher in a new era of ethical engagement with equines, a perspective that honors their agency, autonomy, emotion, and intelligence, and values them on the basis of their inherent worth.
Together, we are making a difference, one horse at a time.

Beyond the physical labor, we're passionate about advocacy, education, and outreach. Our Stable Classroom™ is an immersive, multidisciplinary educational program that offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing academic support, art education, and literacy development, fostering intellectual growth, creative expression, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of the human-equine bond.

What We Do: At Unbridled Sanctuary, our days are filled with the relentless pursuit of providing exceptional care for our 60 equine residents. This means examining 240 legs and hooves, sighting 120 eyes and nostrils, distributing 900-lbs. of grain, 1,200-lbs. of hay, ensuring each horse receives their individualized medications and supplements, changing 1,200-lbs. of bedding, refreshing 900 gallons of water -- EVERY SINGLE DAY! And attending visits from veterinarians and farriers. This is followed by the maintenance of our sprawling grounds, fixing fences, cleaning and stocking sheds, managing pastures, keeping the lights on, and making critical improvements to the facilities' sustainability to care for horses, host educational events, community workshops, and welcome guests. The financial reality is staggering with annual operating costs exceeding $1 million.