​Registered Name: Appomattox

Born in Kentucky on May 3, 2002

Sired by Stravinsky Out of Galunpe (IRE) by He Loves Me (GB)

I am Maddie, a dark bay mare with a gentle soul, and this is my story ...

Born in Kentucky, under the name Appomattox, my earliest memories are of lush green fields and the gentle touch of my mother, Galunpe. My father, Stravinsky, was a Champion known far and wide, and I grew up with the promise of a life filled with care and admiration. As a yearling, I was sold for $135,000 at Fasig-Tipton, a price that seemed to set my worth in the world of thoroughbreds.

My life, however, took a different path. As a broodmare, I produced eight live foals, including CHANTILLY NAYLA, a stakes winner in Canada and the United States. Despite my contributions, when I failed to become pregnant for the eleventh time, at the age of 19, I was deemed unworthy of support. The breeder, Jennifer Nunnally, coldly decided my fate. I was shipped to the nearest livestock auction, my past achievements and lineage forgotten.

At the auction, fear and uncertainty clouded my thoughts. The noisy crowd, the harsh voices, and the unfamiliar surroundings were overwhelming. I stood there, my heart racing, as the bidding started. A local kill broker stepped in, his intentions clear and grim. But then, a miracle happened. From afar, a kind voice fought for me. Susan Kayne, the founder of Unbridled Sanctuary in New York, joined the auction online. She bid until the gavel fell to Unbridled, saving me from a fate too cruel to imagine.

After the auction, I was brought to the Full Circle Rehabilitation Center in Colbert, Washington, by Cristy Pemberton. The journey was long and exhausting, but Cris's kindness gave me hope. There, I began to heal from the trauma and uncertainty of my recent past.

On January 14, 2022, I began my travels east to join my forever family at Unbridled. The cross-country trip in the middle of winter was taxing, but the promise of a safe haven kept my spirits high. When I arrived at Unbridled, I was tired but relieved. I took a week to rest and settle in next to Miss Ruud, a gentle mare who soon became my friend.

Life at Unbridled was unlike anything I had experienced before. Here, I was not a commodity but a cherished individual. I was no longer just a broodmare; I was Maddie, a horse with a story and a personality. I found companionship in Miss Ruud and became a doting aunt to little Prince Ruud, whom Miss Ruud gave birth to in the stall next door. Watching over Prince Ruud, I rediscovered a sense of purpose and joy.

Every day at Unbridled is a celebration of life. I am healthy, strong, and safe. The staff and volunteers treat me with compassion and respect, recognizing my unique personality and needs. They understand that horses are sentient beings with emotions and agency, and they advocate tirelessly for our ethical treatment.

But my story is not just about my past or my present. It is a call to action for those who believe in the dignity and worth of horses like me. You can become an integral part of my unbridled life by virtually adopting me or joining in supporting my care and dignity. A sponsorship of $26 per day, an annual support of $9,500, or a monthly plan of $800 can ensure that I continue to thrive in this sanctuary of love and respect.

Every dollar is a precious gift that helps provide for my special needs and ensures that my days are filled with peace and contentment. Your support means more than just meeting my physical needs; it's a testament to the belief that every horse, regardless of its past, deserves a life of dignity and respect.

In supporting me, you're not just helping one horse; you're contributing to a movement that challenges the way society views and treats horses. Your contribution is a voice for the voiceless, a stand against the exploitation and mistreatment of equines.

Join us in this mission. Help us continue to be a sanctuary for horses who have nowhere else to go. Be a part of my story, a story of transformation, hope, and unbridled love.

Together, we can ensure that more horses like me find their forever home, where they are valued not for what they can produce or win, but for who they are.

With gratitude, hope, and oodles of
smoozzles, Maddie 🤍