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Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation

Unbridled is a trailblazing nonprofit charity that has been at the forefront of the equine protection movement for two decades.

As a volunteer-run sanctuary, we provide life-saving rescue, rehabilitation, and a permanent home to 60 residents at any given time.

Our commitment to equine excellence and our uncompromising integrity in fiscal transparency have earned us prestigious accreditations

from the EQUUS Foundation, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, the American Sanctuary Association, and Candid/GuideStar.

These accolades reinforce our status as a trusted leader in equine advocacy and nonprofit management.

Since our inception in 2004, Unbridled has safeguarded and transformed the lives of thousands thoroughbred horses,

steering them from slaughter to safety. Our journey began with the mission to provide a lifetime of protection for one single retiring 

racehorse, and has since expanded into a comprehensive effort to create a haven for horses of all breeds and backgrounds.

We firmly believe that every equine life is significant, and each story has the power to inspire and catalyze change.

Our pioneering advocacy, education, and legislative initiatives have led to significant progress, including the enactment of

a pivotal law that bolsters protections for horses across New York. This landmark achievement exemplifies our dedication to

revolutionizing societal views and treatment of equines, ensuring their well-being and dignity throughout their lives.

Unbridled is a transformative force, committed to reshaping the world for equines through compassion, action, and advocacy.

Join us in our mission to protect, respect, and love every horse as they truly deserve.