​Registered Name: No It's Not Me

Born in New York on March 17, 2010

Sired by Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Out of Ocean's Spray by Gulch

Hello, I am NoNo, a Thoroughbred mare.  I born in New York. I was bred for greatness on the racetrack. My daddy's name was Leroidesanimaux. He was born in Brazil in 2000 and was a very famous racehorse with blazing speed. He was a champion in the United States, and his son, Animal Kingdom, won the Kentucky Derby. Daddy traveled around the world and ended up being laid to rest in Great Britain in 2016. People say I look like him—handsome, muscular, with strong hindquarters and a coppery red chestnut coat. His whole family is pretty famous in Brazil. His mama, my grandma, never raced, but she belongs to one of the best families on Earth. You can read more about my daddy's side of the family on this page:Leroidesanimaux 

My early days were filled with gallops to train for racing. With the wind in my mane, and the thunder of hooves besdide me, I raced 31 times. I won seven races and earned $77,370. The people around me cheered, smiled, and got really excited with each victory, and I was proud of my achievements.

When I was done racing, I different faces greeted me at places I had not been before. For a time, I lived on a beautiful farm with green pastures. I had a best friend named Wish, short for Warm Wishes, she was from Ireland!  She was everything I could have ever wished for. We roamed the fields together, and she stood by me during the birth of my only foal. I was scared and unsure, having never experienced motherhood, as I was taken from my own mother at such a young age. Wish, with her gentle guidance, helped me through it all.

But soon after my foal's birth, things began to change. The lush pastures turned barren, and the horses around me, once fat and happy, grew skinny and irritable. Their ears were pinned back, and they grumbled constantly, desperate for food. The people who once cared for us stopped coming. I watched in confusion as horses disappeared one by one, taken away to who knows where. My little colt, struggling to grow, looked even smaller and frailer compared to the other foals I remembered known in my past.

One day, I was separated from my foal. He was taken away from my side. I nickered frantically, searching for him, but he was gone. The food stopped coming entirely, and my own strength began to wane. Eventually, those of us who remained were rounded up and taken to another place. We were sold to a horse meat broker who kept us in a miserable state until we were sent to the New Holland auction.

The slaughter auction was a place of pure terror. The chaos and noise were overwhelming. Horses were panicking, rearing up, and calling out in fear. The smell of death lingered in the air, mingling with the scent of sick and injured horses. It was like a scene from a nightmare. Some horses were pulled away to one place, others to another, and none of us knew our fate.

When it was my turn in the auction ring, the noise was deafening. The rapid-fire auctioneer's chant, the loud bangs of the gavel, and the shouts of buyers all blended into a cacophony of dread. I was terrified, my heart pounding in my chest as I was pushed and prodded, my identity reduced to a mere number.

After the auction, in a holding pen filled with the stench of fear and misery, I was miraculously reunited with Wish. We pressed close to each other, finding a small comfort in our shared presence. Soon, a kind lady came and took us away from that horrible place, bringing us to a sanctuary called Unbridled.

At Unbridled, we found a beautiful place where we could finally rest. There was nourishment and peace, and for a few weeks, we dared to hope that our suffering was over. But the slaughter pipeline had already taken a heavy toll on Wish. Despite the veterinarians' best efforts, it was too late for her. She grew weaker each day until she finally succumbed to the illness she had contracted.

Wish’s death left me despondent and inconsolable. The grief was overwhelming, and I struggled to find meaning in the peaceful surroundings of Unbridled. Yet, in this place of healing, I found compassion and understanding. The volunteers held space for my sorrow, and slowly, I began to heal.

It was here that I met Nicke, another mare who had endured similar hardships. In the tranquil surroundings of Unbridled, Nicke and I found solace in each other. Our shared experiences created a deep bond, and we became inseparable. Together, we have navigated the path to recovery.
 We are living reminders of the inherent worth and beauty of every living being, deserving of compassion and respect. At Unbridled, we have found a home where we are loved for who we are, not what we can do.

To everyone reading my story, your support can make a difference. It helps provide a safe haven for horses like me, ensuring we receive the care and love we deserve. Please consider supporting Unbridled Sanctuary, where the broken are made whole, the lost are found, and the forgotten are remembered.

Thank you for listening to my story. Your kindness and support give me hope for a brighter future.
smoozzles, NoNo