Welcome to Unbridled Sanctuary, a haven where the spirit of compassion thrives.

Today, we urgently need your support to save Katouni and other precious souls from the brutal reality of the slaughter pipeline. 

Katouni, an extraordinary thoroughbred mare from the prestigious lineage of Juddmonte Farm, shares her history with our cherished Cupola, whose life we, together, saved years ago. Like so many other mares being culled this time of year, Katouni, now stands on the precipice of a harrowing fate, with her slaughter date ominously set for the Fourth of July.

Our purpose at Unbridled Sanctuary goes beyond mere rescue; we strive to offer these marginalized mares the chance to live their lives in dignity and peace. This mission, however, cannot be realized without your kindness and generosity.

Our appeal today is urgent . We invite you to watch Susan Kayne's personal video message, linked here, which elucidates the gravity of our endeavor.  Your generous contribution, regardless of its size, will bring us closer to saving Katouni and other lives like hers.

Your donation today is a lifeline to rewrite the narratives of horses with no place to call home. You help assure them that their true worth isn't tied to their past but lies in the possibility of a serene, secure future here at Unbridled.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your consideration. Your support is invaluable to us and can literally be life-saving for the horses we are determined to protect.

Donate now and help change their destiny. Together, let's make a difference that counts.

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Once gracing the pages of Blood-Horse & Paulick Report as the esteemed mother of Constitution's first daughter, Katouni now tragically languishes in the slaughter pipeline, her star-studded past replaced with a grim reality. This stark contrast underscores the harsh truth of her fall from fame to forgetfulness, a poignant reminder of the silent crisis countless horses endure.