Cupola 🤍
​Registered Name: Cupola

Sired by Mizzen Mast - Out of Orangery by Empire Maker

Born in Kentucky on March 14, 2013 

My name is Cupola, and my journey is one of sorrow turned into joy, darkness into light. Born on March 14, 2013, into the royal lineage of Juddmonte Farm, I was a treasure of genetics, a promise for the future. Yet, the world of humans, so unpredictable, would soon show me its harshness.

My life, once filled with the expectation of becoming a mother, took a devastating turn. Despite the care and hopes vested in me, fate decreed otherwise. For three consecutive years, I failed to conceive, and with each passing year, my value in the eyes of those around me diminished. From a cherished mare, I became unwanted, discarded like an old, forgotten tool. The transition was gradual yet stark, leading me from the warmth of a stable to the cold, impersonal confines of an auction among a sea of equally lost souls.

The fear and uncertainty that enveloped me during those times are indescribable. I found myself at New Holland Auction, then quickly passing through the hands of those who saw me not as a living being but as a product. Tagged for slaughter at Rotz Livestock, my fate seemed sealed, my past glories irrelevant. In those moments, despair was my only companion, and the memories of sun-dappled meadows at Juddmonte seemed like distant dreams.

Yet, destiny, it seems, had another chapter for me. Rescued by Unbridled, I was pulled from the brink of an ignominous end. Arriving at Unbridled on January 7, 2021, I was weak, my spirit broken. The sanctuary became my refuge, a place where healing began. In the gentle care of the Unbridled team, I found solace. The simple acts of kindness, the patience and love bestowed upon me, were balm to my weary soul.

In this haven, I discovered friendship and trust once more. Baby and Lady, my companions in recovery, became my family. Together, we shared our fears and dreams, finding strength in our bond. Baby, with her innocent eyes, reminded me of the foals I never had the chance to nurture. In her, I found a purpose, a reason to embrace each day with newfound hope.

Our days at Unbridled were filled with simple joys—grazing in the lush fields, feeling the sun warming our backs, and the peace of knowing we were safe. For the first time, I experienced the luxury of choice, my preferences respected, my voice heard. The sanctuary offered me not just a place to recover but a community where I belonged.

The culmination of my journey at Unbridled came when, together with Baby and Lady, I found a forever home at Zorro’s Crossing Sanctuary. Here, in this vast expanse of love and tranquility, my story found its happy ending. No longer defined by my past failures or the specter of slaughter, I am cherished for who I am—a survivor, a friend, a being capable of love and joy.

As I stand here, amidst the beauty of my new home, I reflect on the journey that brought me here. Unbridled Sanctuary was not just a stopover; it was where I rediscovered myself, where I was reminded of my worth. The compassion and dedication of those who saved me have left an indelible mark on my heart.

To those who read my story, know that every horse has a tale of resilience and hope. By supporting sanctuaries like Unbridled, you give us a voice, a chance at a dignified life, and the possibility of a joyful future. Your kindness lights up the darkest of paths and transforms destinies. Together, we can ensure that more stories like mine find their deserved happy endings. Thank you for believing in us, for seeing the soul behind the eyes, and for choosing love and action to make a difference.

Nuzzles, smooches, and smoozzles, Cupola 💞