Censored 🤍
​Registered Name: Censored

Multiple Stakes Winner of $329, 518

Sired by In Excess (IRE) - Out of Sable Decor by High Counsel

Born in California on April 3, 1995 - Saved from Slaughter January 9, 2021 in Louisiana

Laid to Rest in New York on June 11, 20221

In the eternal pastures of the great beyond, my name is Censored, and I bring forth a tale woven from  redemption, transformation, and an undying love that transcended my final days. Born into the spotlight of horse racing, I was a celebrated champion, graced with speed and a legacy marked by triumphs on the track. As a cherished jewel of my racing owner, Mike Pegram, my early years were filled with victories and the adulation of crowds. I stood invincible, adored, my path seemingly destined for continued glory.

Yet, the curtain fell on my racing career, leading me to the breeding shed. Paired with the Kentucky Derby winner Real Quiet, my value was once measured in the accolades of my past and the potential of my progeny. Over the years, as the last of my foals ventured into the world in 2010, I found myself fading from the limelight, my worth dimming in the eyes of those I served.  -- except for one.

My journey took a harrowing turn, casting me into the depths of desperate and dirty auction in the backwoods of Louisiana. It was there I met River Barrow, a very despondent and sad gray mare. After the auction, we starved and suffered side-by-side in the filthy Thompson Feedlot in Louisiana. It was in my darkest hour, when hope seemed a distant memory, that I was led from the steel enclosure out of the thick mud into a different area on the lot. River Barrow never stopped whinnying to for me, she couldnt see me and I could tell she was frantic. A few days later, she joined me. Not long after, we were loaded on a trailer and driven. It was a clean trailer, and hope rekindled the spirit within me.

The loving embrace of Unbridled Sanctuary reached out to me, seeing beyond my brokenness to the champion that still resided within and so did my old trainer, Bob Baffert, when he heard my plight he contributed generously to the lifeline that would lead me to salvation. This unexpected support served as a profound reminder of the enduring bonds forged in the yesteryears, illuminating my path to healing and redemption.

Rescued from the brink, Unbridled Sanctuary became my haven of peace, where kindness, care, and unconditional love enveloped me. Here, in the warmth of the sun and the softness of the earth, I flourished, cherishing each day as a gift of compassion and generosity. In the sanctuary's embrace, I discovered a sense of belonging that had eluded me for years, my spirit free to soar beyond the shadows of my past..


The final chapter of my life, though marked by the scars of my journey, was graced with dignity and grace, thanks to the sanctuary's boundless love. Reflecting upon my voyage from the racetrack to Unbridled, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. My tale is not just one of survival but a testament to the transformative power of love and the strength of a community united in compassion.

As I stand in the eternal pastures, my legacy endures as a call to action, urging never to turn away from those in need. The final six months of my life, bestowed upon me by the generosity of donors, were a testament to the best of humanity. Nourished by food, friendship, and serene peace, I was able to release the fight, embracing the end with a heart full of love, knowing I was cherished wholeheartedly.

Let my story be a beacon of hope, inspiring support for Unbridled Sanctuary, where each contribution ensures that stories like mine continue to be rewritten in the arms of love. It is in giving that we receive, illuminating the darkness and proving that love knows no bounds. Support Unbridled Sanctuary, and be part of the difference that transforms despair into hope, granting the gift of peace, love, and a dignified farewell to souls like mine, whose echoes of gratitude will resonate eternally.