Hello and welcome!I'm Susan Kayne, a lifelong equestrian, passionate advocate, and the visionary founder of Unbridled Sanctuary (US). My journey with horses has been a lifelong love affair, driving me to dedicate myself to fortifying the horse-human bond and advocating to end equine slaughter and ensure the protection of equine for the whole of their natural lifespan. 

At the heart of my mission lies Unbridled Sanctuary, a haven for horses in need, where we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. Through rescue, rehabilitation, advocacy, and education, we strive to transform lives and reshape societal perceptions of these magnificent creatures.

Here, you'll discover the essence of my advocacy and educational initiatives, from legislative changes in New York State to  innovative programs within The Stable Classroom. I invite you to explore the stories of the horses at Unbridled Sanctuary and join us in championing ethical engagement with equines.

Through data, direct care, storytelling, and education, I aim to advance moral consideration for horses and bring an end to their suffering and exploitation. Join me in creating a world where every horse is cherished and respected as an emotional, intelligent, social and fellow sentient being.

Thank you for visiting, and I invite you to delve deeper into Unbridled Sanctuary, the heart and soul of my existence, and explore
columns on Upstater.com where I share insights into the lives of The Horses Of Unbridled, and perspectives on equine protection, welfare, and advocacy.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference for good for horses everywhere,

Susan Kayne