Ready to make a difference for good? Your auction item isn't just a one-time donation; it’s a gateway to a community that cherishes businesses contributing to a cause they deeply care about. Your generous contributions serve as lifelines to horses in need, year-round.

Horses like Ginger & Sweet Pea whose lives were threatened by slaughter, until Unbridled leapt in to save their lives.

Ginger and Sweet Pea's tale is one of resilience, from heart-wrenching moments at the brink of despair in the slaughter pipeline to radiant days of freedom and health at Unbridled. Their metamorphosis isn't just a testament to their unyielding spirit but a reflection of the community of compassionate contributors whose unwavering support and love is a lifeline.

Every glance at their once emaciated frames, now brimming with life and vigor, reminds us that change is possible when hearts unite.

Their gleaming coats, lively gallops, and joyful neighs are more than just signs of their well-being; they are echoes of gratitude.

Every transformation at Unbridled is a chapter in the story of kindness. And dear contributors, you are the heroes of this narrative.