MI ARTIC was bred, born, raced, and dumped for slaughter in Oklahoma. Right up until she was abandoned in the Kill Pen she had been used a racetrack "Pony Horse".  Thanks to the generosity of Cheryl Dewland, and an awesome Team of  boots-on-the-ground rescuers in Oklahoma, this fine Thoroughbred mare was saved from suffering a violent death in a Mexican slaughterhouse.  At 16, she will soon head to her forever home in Missouri where she will join Sherry Sons stable of lovingkindness. 


COMETTE DE FLEUR is an elegant 21-year-old New York Bred who was raced, amished, and tossed for slaughter. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of our beloved friend Suzanne Weatherwax Bishop, "FLEUR" is now far from harm and safe to enjoy  the freedom she deserves, and the space to reclaim her dignity and grace. 


It takes an army of advocates to raise enough money and to simultaneously coordinate the logistics to save the life of a horse from the clutches of a Kill Broker. The timeline to 'bail' a horse once he or she is listed is less than 72-hours. These three mares are a few of the lucky ones for whom Holiday donations arrived just in time to save from slaughter.

L to R: Comette De Fleur, Iseewhatyourlookinat, and Mi Artic.

ICWHATYOURLOOKINAT is a snuggly, love-bug. She raced 72 times, earned over $42,000, retired sound at age 7,  and stepped into a career as a "Polo Pony". After doing all that was asked of her with mallets and balls afoot she was chukked for slaughter. Thanks to the Holiday sales of Real Horse Rescues Mugs, er redeemed her precious life. "IC" is a youthful 12, soon she headed to our adoptive partner Claire Affleck to begin graduating students from ponies to horses.