UNBRIDLED is a safe haven to 30+ rescued Thoroughbreds who live in Sanctuary as friends and companions.

They have been saved from cruelty and slaughter, and their stories of survival and forgiveness are

a testament to the immutable beauty of the equine spirit.

All of our horses are respected as individuals with their own unique expressions and mental, physical and emotional needs.

We allow the personality, proclivities, and evolving preferences of each horse to dictate how we can provide for their best and most enjoyable life.  In addition to Sanctuary,  we provide a place of rest and readying for horses who are suitable for rehoming through adoption. For any horse in our care who is terminally ill or injured, we facilitate a dignified, gentle, and peaceful end-of-life passage.  

Honoring the agency, autonomy, intelligence, and sentience of equine is our true passion and the ethos that guides all of our work.