Sustained Monthly Giving is an easy way to give with The Biggest Impact.
Set up your giving once, and your monthly contribution will continue automatically. You can change your gift amount or the method of payment at any time – just let us know.  A record of each monthly gift will appear on your credit card, PayPal or bank statement. We will also send you an annual summary of your gifts at tax time each year.

Your membership renews automatically so there’s less mail, less to remember. 
WHEN YOU JOIN UNBRIDLED'S 21 CLUB, ​you provide vital resources to transform the lives of rescued horses. 

100% of every dollar goes toward Hay, Grain, Bedding, DeWormers, and Supplements -- that's it!! 

Your monthly gift of $21 (.69 cents/day) ensures the comfort, health, nourishment, and well-being of the horses who need YOU.

Unbridled is home to 55 horses. Each requires $25 per day to cover their care essentials and special needs.

That's $1,375 per day, $9,625 per week, $42,625 per month $501,875 per year 

With no government funding, Unbridled operates solely on donations from compassionate horse lovers around the world.

We pride ourselves on the efficient use of funds so that the maximum number of horses can be helped. 

From all of us at UNBRIDLED, we deeply appreciate your ongoing commitment to our lifesaving work through your generous donation. Should you have questions at any point about this or any gift, please reach out to us at:

With just 2000 people like you -- We got this!!