For eighteen years, Unbridled has nudged miracles into motion for horses who had nowhere to go. We have always found a way to help horses that other organizations would euthanize or turn away. We take then in and we turn their lives around with love, new possibilities, and protection. In doing so, the demand for our work has escalated significantly.

Everyday we are inundated with calls to help Thoroughbreds who need a lifeline, but Unbridled is at capacity and thus at a halt in its current facility. We are now forced to turn away horses who need protection, rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and/or sanctuary -- horses we can help!! 

Winter shuts down all of our programs, and there is no chance to increase our acreage due to a new solar project bordering our fence lines.  

Right now, a remarkable and timely opportunity is before us to purchase a turn-key Equestrian Center that is just 15-minutes from our current location. Expansion into this facility will completely transform Unbridled into being fully operational 12-months of the year. With your help, we can make this happen. 

Since our founding in 2004, we have an exceptional proven track record of doing great things for Thoroughbreds. With your support to acquire this Equestrian Center as our founding site and headquarters will pay it forward many times over for countless more horses and students whose lives will be changed forever -- and for the better at Unbridled.

Of the $500,000 required to purchase the Equestrian Center, just over $150,000 has been contributed in the first year of the campaign, enough for a down payment and initial repairs. ​We must raise the remaining $350,000 required before JULY 31st

It would be a great honor to earn your support and to be able to place your names on our wall of patrons.

To make a pledge with a commitment to donate before year-end, please email Susan.Kayne@UnbridledHorses.ORG

Every dollar is a precious gift of life for the horses we serve and for those who count on you when they need a lifeline.

Thank you for understanding the urgency of this request, and for your time and consideration of helping with your life-saving support.

With gratitude, love, and respect,

Susan Kayne

President & Founder
Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation 

Unbridled Capital Campaign

Growing Stronger Together

Expanding onto this property is a quantum opportunity for Unbridled to be fully operational 12-months of the year,

and to activate multiple revenue streams to solidify the structure that will provide the funding needed to assure

our growth and sustainability for decades to come.