Horsemeat Sold As Beef Found In Markets And Street Stalls In Various Mexican Cities
by Press Release | 10.27.2017
Researchers with the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico found horsemeat present in raw and cooked samples sold as beef or unclearly labeled in butcher shops, markets and informal selling points such as street stalls in six Mexican. Several samples contained high levels of clenbuterol, a substance given to horses that is not suitable for human consumption. 

READ THE FULL REPORT | Horsemeat Sold As Beef 50-page .PDF

N.Y. Lawmakers Interested in Tracking Retired Horses

by Tom Precious | 10.26.2017 

The legislation says the commission would work with the New York State Gaming Commission, which has been pressing the retired racehorse issue for years, to track what happens to horses after they stop racing. For Thoroughbreds, the bill would apply to New York-breds that are retired.



Top Quarter Horse Trainer Judd Kearl has been suspended for 19 years

by By Matt Hegarty | 10.26.2017

The Texas Racing Commission suspended Kearl due to multiple positives for a banned antidepressant that has not been available commercially for nearly 30 years! READ MORE | DRF

Each year, 170,000+ horses


 are FORCED TO DIE at slaughter plants.  No one cares about their age, accolades, or where they came from. I DO.

Susan Kayne

"The greatest chance slaughter-bound horses have to find safety is to educate the public with real stories, of real horses, and to inspire action" ~ SUSAN KAYNE