It is estimated that annually 10,000 or more once prized American Thoroughbreds are brutally butchered in slaughter plants.  No matter their age, accolades, pedigree, or beauty they are packed into livestock trailers, shipped across borders to be ‘processed’ in Canada and Mexico. They come from all walks of life: training centers, racetracks, breeding farms, riding stables, camps, and backyards. The menagerie of castoffs includes fresh off the track racehorses, OTTB riding horses, senior broodmares, barren mares, and mares whose offspring have not performed to expectations. For the discarded horse, the semi-conscious euphemism ‘processed,’ means violently forced to die.

When Thoroughbreds are no longer viable for financial gain the majority default to sixty-cents a pound.  Until the industry mandates financial front-loading  of the economic reality of sustaining the 30-year-plus natural  lifespan of the Thoroughbred, the merciless killing will continue.

We believe that all participants in the course of the life of a purposefully-bred Thoroughbred have a moral obligation to participate in the lifelong protection of the Thoroughbreds that they have brought into this world, and participated with in the Sport of Kings. Currently, no industry-funded source exists, or is designated specifically to fund the redemption of Thoroughbreds who land at livestock auctions, or the Kill Pens of licensed and contracted Horse Meat Dealers.  

With the help of compassionate supporters, UNBRIDLED has saved the lives of hundreds of Thoroughbreds who otherwise would have been slaughtered in Canada or Mexico.  When our Team identifies a Thoroughbred at-risk of slaughter, we reach out to past connections; breeders, sales agents, trainers, and owners for help with funding.  We have 24 to 72-hours to save his or her life. With such a short redemption period, access to immediate funds becomes a matter of life and death.  
For the Horses we redeem, we provide each with a safe space and the sacrosanct gift of time necessary to restore health, and to reclaim his or her dignity. Recovery from the mental and physical trauma a Thoroughbred endures in cases of neglect, or in the slaughter pipeline is often long, arduous, and expensive. At Unbridled, the Horses set the timetable. We listen to their needs and honor their readiness to move on or not. When they are ready to progress and trust, we pair them with appropriate Adopters, Foster Partners, or Trainers. For those with special needs we provide permanent residency in our Sanctuary.