Every day, hundreds of horses & ponies who have done all that has been asked of them ... are dumped off at 'kill auctions'. The greatest chance these horses have to find safety is to tell their stories to the public. 

Susan Kayne

Now here's a reality show folks everywhere NEED TO SEE. Thank you thank you - sharing like crazy.

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You inspire, make a difference, and just wow me on so many levels.
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On July 4, 2015, Real Horse Rescues debuted on ABC-WTEN

For the first time, viewers in 500,000+ households across 14 counties in Upstate New York, heard the true stories of once abused, kill pen found, or slaughter-bound horses-- now shining in their new roles as teachers, healers, therapists, companions, and competitive performance partners. 

Real Horse Rescues juxtaposes the reality of equine abuse, drugging, neglect, over-breeding, and slaughter with our supposed evolving social relationship with horses. The general public, and even most of the equine spectator fan-base, is largely unaware of the threats facing horses today. The hard facts coupled with the majestic presence of horses and heart-warming tales of redemption provides a point-of-entry to inspire viewers to action.

Real Horse Rescues connects the public with local equine rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters as a community resource for education and enrichment. Viewers have donated funds, sponsored, and adopted horses, volunteered services, and spread awareness of equine welfare issues.

A groundbreaking series created by Susan Kayne WATCH SEASON ONE on RHR You Tube CHANNEL

I enjoyed every single minute of this and look forward to the next episode… Well done!         

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Beautifully done,  
well worth watching! 

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Susan … awesome job

on the shows … A true passion. THANK YOU from all of us concerned about race horses.

You are their voice!  

The World needs

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You are doing such amazing andimportant work in the world!
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I absolutelyloved watching this! It's heartwarming, inspiring, informational, interesting, and admirable. 
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ILOVE THIS. Thank you for helping, and sharing these wonderful stories. 

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