To join to UTF's #1000Strong

$10/month or $120/year 

use the PayPal link below, or send a check to UTF:

PO Box 122,

Kinderhook, NY 12106 

​LEARN MORE ABOUT #1000STRONG and how  you can be the change our horses need to ensure a safe future.


UTF #1000StrongForThoroughbreds fund increases our ability to swiftly intercept slaughter bound Thoroughbreds.  Currently, no protection is mandated for, nor industry-generated funding allocated to save Thoroughbreds from shipping to slaughter. It is up to individual Organizations to raise the money to purchase and coordinate life-saving rescue missions. Without immediate access to funds, many thousands of Thoroughbreds are violently slaughtered in Mexico and Canada.  Please consider joining our awesome army of Advocates. For $10/month you can become a lifeline for horses with no say in their own fate. Recurring monthly donations are a tremendous gift that have a huge impact on our ability to intercept slaughter bound Thoroughbreds and provide the aftercare they deserve.