​Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity devoted to protecting Thoroughbreds from cruelty, drug abuse, exploitation, neglect, and slaughter. 

 We rescue, revitalize, and rehome horses through adoption, and we provide sanctuary for senior mares and horses with special needs. The Thoroughbreds we save are representative of tens of thousands more who were not saved and suffered violent deaths in slaughter plants. 

​Through advocacy, education, and hands-on engagement we seek to inspire a new ethical  perspective to embolden appreciation for the inherent worth of every horse. For the horse-human bond to flourish, we believe that compassion, empathy, and respect must be the principles upon which the horse-human relationship is built.

Unbridled is volunteer-run and donor-supported. We rely on donations, public support, grants, fundraising events, and merchandise sales to support our lifesaving mission.

Our excellence in equine care and commitment to fiscal transparency is recognized at the
highest levels of Accreditation by ASA, EQUUS, GFAS, GREATNONPROFITS, and GUIDESTAR. ​

In the early years of UTF, we focused on providing safe houses to retiring and injured racehorses who required extra time to transition to a productive life beyond the track.

Stalwart Member, a notable NY-Bred became the founding equine member of Unbridled.