We always have several beautiful Thoroughbreds ready to move into foster, lease, and adoption partnerships.  We have several non-riding companion horses, and several youngsters who are healthy, sound, sane,  easy to enjoy and eager to please.

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Thoroughbreds possess an exceptional mind, courageous heart, and unrivaled loyalty. For those who take the time to appreciate the depth and breadth of their intelligence the wonderment of a real relationship will blossom into a lifetime of joy.  Over the years, we have had the privilege of transitioning Thoroughbreds from all walks of life into loving homes -- and exponentially extended our #UnbridledFamily! 

As of 10/15/2022, we have several exceptional Thoroughbreds who are ready to meet their perfect partner

-- one of these magnificent beings could be your heart horse.

SUMMLIKEALADY was born on 4/24/2012. LADY is a matter-of-fact, lovely, and polite mare. She is 15.2-hands, with a good size barrel to accommodate a long-legged rider. Lady is a solid rich mahogany bay. She is sound, healthy, and easy to ride. She hasn’t had formal training so is ready to become your horse. She is a willing participant to learn and has been ridden lightly. To date, she is solid at the walk and excellent on bridle paths, trots and canters, and has jogged over cross rails. She is fine to hop on and trail ride or go in the ring, she just needs the benefit of consistent cues from a skilled rider. Lady has been with Unbridled since May of 2020 and she is very ready to meet her perfect partner. She is happy in a stall and has excellent stable manners, and she gets along well with others in the pasture.  ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2021!

BALLET GALA was born on 4/21/2018. She is the original pocket pony, a TV Star on Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection. As the youngest member of the Unbridled family she has earned the moniker BABY, Baby Doll, Babes … she is simply darling. Baby is a stout and strong 15.1-hands and growing! Her coat is a lustrous dark chestnut. Baby has a beautiful attitude and innocent willingness. She is a heart horse for sure with an in your pocket personality, she is a real love bug who is interested in being a part of everything that is going on. She never raced. She was donated in May of 2020 by her Breeder. She has a slightly turned out right front leg that would not hold up under the demands of racing. She is a gorgeous mover and sound for pleasure riding. We have saddled and hand walked her with a rider under tack. She is good inside and out and with other horses. ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2021!

DESERT MOTEL aka DESI born on 2/15/2011 - 16.1-hands, dark bay, white star. Desi has been in and out of Unbridled over the years. He is sound, healthy, and very sassy! This summer he was featured on Steve Caporrizzo's Horse Connection. Desi is for an experienced rider. He can be a happy handful under saddle. For the skilled equestrian he is safe and fun with a ton of stamina. Over the past two years, he was the Lady Huntsman’s horse at the Norfolk Hunt. He went out with the whole pack of horses, horns, and hounds. He came back to Unbridled in March 2021 due to a personal crisis of his adopter. Desi likes his stall and thrives on a schedule of turn-out and riding. Right now, his time is spent indoors and out beside his buddy TRAVELING. 

LIAM LET’S GO was born on  03/03/2016. He is a brilliant chestnut ginger-wrapped 16.3-hand hunk of eye candy adorned with a wide white blaze like Velvet Brown’s PIE and dressed in three high white stockings. Liam was donated to Unbridled by his Owner to Unbridled. He is stunningly gorgeous with a dream disposition. He retired from racing when his x-rays revealed joint changes and osteoarthritis. With Adequan and Legend, Liam is comfortable and sound frolicking in the paddock. He is suitable for light riding and bridle path hacks. Though he is green to the nuances of English riding, he is calm, curious, and willing with more whoa than go under saddle. Liam is a personable, cuddly, and lovable companion. His wit and charm are unmatched. He is interested in being involved in what’s happening around him and in the Stable. Liam is good with other horses and lives a combination of being inside in his stall and turned-out with a shed. If you are looking for the most beautiful pasture pet, buddy for a solo horse, heart horse, love bug supreme -- consider Liam. He is available to foster and/or adopt to an approved, safe, and loving home. 

​TRAVELING was born on 2/11/2016. He stands 17.0-hands of handsomeness and is still filling out. Traveling came to us off the track on 7/15/2020 and required several months of stall rest to recover from a racing injury. During that time he was also gelded. Right now, he is still growing, and unwinding from the strangeness of confinement. His x-rays indicate he'll be best suited as a companion and for light pleasure riding. He is a gentle soul, and always loving. He is good with other horses and currently spends his time between a stall and turn-out area with his buddy Desi. PENDING ADOPTION.

CUPOLA was born on 03/14/2013 at Juddmonte Farm in Kentucky. She was bred by a Saudi Prince and hails from the finest lineage of Thoroughbreds in all the world. Cupola is big and solid. She moves beautifully across the ground. We have not ridden her and we are looking for a companion home for her, or to foster her with a skilled rider to begin her under saddle, or a training partner to develop her fullest expression under saddle.. She had trained to race, but she did not race. She is lovely to handle and needs consistent training to become a riding horse. ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2021!

At Unbridled, we know our horses very well, they are lovingly handled on a daily basis and truly treasured as our friends. They set the timetable for their readiness to meet prospective adopters. We are always seeking to place our horses in homes where they will be cherished companions and recognized for who they are as distinct individuals with an intelligent and curious mind, emotions, and a personality all their own.  

With thoughtful and consistently kind training in consideration of mental, emotional, and physical needs  of the Thoroughbred, they become exquisite competitive partners who excel in myriad equestrian activities and disciplines. For the Pleasure Rider, they are a steadfast friend, for the competitor they are fierce and loyal, and for the student of any age who dares to listen, they are a teacher whose guidance reveals the secret to being present.    

Before the adoption process can begin, we’ll ask you to agree to the following:

  • You will not train the Horse to Race.
  • You will not use the Horse for Breeding Purposes.
  • You will not sell the Horse at an Auction, or for Slaughter.
  • You will not use the Horse as a means of transportation on any public roadway.
  • You will permit us to visit the facility where the Horses will be stabled.

Unbridled believes in complete transparency. We promise to represent our Horses with honesty and integrity. Our Horses are up to date on all vaccinations, deworming, farrier, and dental work. We will openly share with you everything we know of their past circumstances, what we have experienced and observed, and what they have accomplished while rebuilding trust in our care. Each of our Horses has been kindly and respectfully taught how to be handled. We intimately know their personalities, honor their proclivities, and understand their comfort levels and tolerances. We make every effort to match you with the most compatible Horse to create a joyful and lasting relationship -- we ask you to be forthcoming with every detail of care -- together we can create better outcomes for the horses.

#1 Send an Email Tell us the type of Horse that you are looking for and what your goals are ... and how you plan to keep the horse and achieve your goals. If we have a suitable horse we will let you know, if not we will recommend a local organization who may have your perfect partner. Either way -- let's start a dialogue.

#2 Our Adoption Contract is designed to safeguard the Horse, its purpose is to allow UNBRIDLED to keep track of each horse’s care and condition throughout his or her lifetime and to help you out should things not go as planned.  As an adopter, you will become part of our extended family. We treasure our horses and seek to serve as a supportive friend throughout the course of your time with a horse who has come through Unbridled.

#3 Updates are required by contract. Adopters agree to send monthly written updates with clear photos during the first year, and quarterly thereafter. This helps Unbridled assure the Horse’s condition and shows Donors the progress and transition of Horse’s they have contributed to save. Photos may posted on Unbridled’s website and social media pages.

>> DOWNLOAD ADOPTION CONTRACT << | HAVE A QUESTION? Send an email to: UnbridledTBF@gmail.com