The most meaningful gift that you can offer is that of monthly support to help us financially meet the needs of necessary basic care.  At Unbridled, we honor the lives of our Sanctuary Horses with a dignified home for their 30-year-plus natural lifespan. 

The real stories of our redeemed Horses represent the plight of thousands of Thoroughbreds who are annually slaughtered. Our Horses are companions, friends, and teachers who connect, educate and embolden all who dare to listen to reconsider the true worth of a Thoroughbred.

Our Sanctuary Horses are symbolically adoptable through sponsorship

We are funded entirely through donations and operate on a modest budget with utmost efficiency to keep our Horses healthy and happy. If you believe in the mission of Unbridled we need your help. The annual expense of necessary care of each Horse at Unbridled is $7,200.

Any monthly recurring increment helps -- this is per month, per horse:

  • $750 Principal Sponsorship -- this is the highest level of sponsorship for a Horse at Unbridled. The support of a Principal Sponsor covers every vital need and expense, and is also a key to developing community education and outreach programs around the real rescue story of the sponsored Horse. 
  • ​$500 Major Sponsorship -- this is essential need sponsorship, it is the necessary hay, grain, supplements, and bedding requirements that are critical to to the health, housing, and well-being of the Horse.  
  • $350 Adequan Angel Sponsorship -- this is for a 7-dose series of Adequan injections. Adequan offers a new lease on life to our senior horses who need an assist with joint rejuvenation and fluidity in motion. 
  • $250 Supporting Sponsorship -- this buys ten 50-lb bags of grain to cover the monthly grain consumption.
    • $150 dental care (annual)
    • $125 spring vaccines (annual)
    • $100 provides 20 bales of Hay
    • $75 fall vaccines (annual)
    • $50 is a farrier trim
    • $25 purchases four bags of shavings
    • $20 supplements

Every day each Horse at Unbridled consumes 15 to 18 lbs. of grain, a 1/2 bale of hay, and two bags of shavings. These are fixed costs. Whatever you can do to help is gratefully accepted and we promise that when you visit, our Horses will greet you at the gates with oodles of smoozzles.

UNBRIDLED cares for 30 Mares in Sanctuary, and 6 younger horses who are in training and available for adoption or lease.  

Our Thoroughbreds are respected as an individuals each with their own unique mental, physical and emotional needs.

We allow the personality, proclivities, and evolving preferences of each horse to dictate how we can provide for their best and most enjoyable life.  We transition and re-home suitable horses through adoption, and we provide sanctuary for senior and special needs horses.

For any horse in our care who is terminally ill or injured, we facilitate a dignified, gentle, and peaceful end-of-life passage.  

Recognizing the agency, autonomy, intelligence, and moral status of equine is our true passion and the ethos that guides all of our work.