IJADA is from generations of beautiful bloodstock. Her breeder Allen E. Paulson  was the owner of the great  racehorse CIGAR.  Mr. Paulson loved his horses.  He was the breeder and owner of IJADA's  dam SIDONIA, and he purchased IJADA's granddam NUREYEV'S BEST as yearling  for $560,000 at Keeneland July in 1986.  

Mr. Paulson passed away on July 19, 2000. 


IJADA is 20-years-old. On November 4, 2019  we saved her  life. 

Without our intervention she would have shipped into Mexico to be slaughtered.  

In late October of 2019, IJADA was bought by a Kill Broker at a livestock auction in Louisiana. We have been told  that she was one of several Thoroughbreds who had been culled by a large  breeding operation.  When the Lone Star Kill Pen published the identities of the horses, several Individuals and Rescues stepped up for their redemption. But none came forward  for IJADA.   

Through the generosity of contributors we were able to raise the bail money to required to redeem IJADA.  She was collected by our transporter from the Justin, TX holding hub of the Kill Pen.  Manure and mud caked her legs and cloaked wounds she endured while traveling through the slaughter-bound  pipeline.

After a veterinary evaluation and much needed medications to address a respiratory infection and a gaping wound on her left hock, IJADA settled in to quarantine at Spirit Run Equine Rescue  in Gilmer, TX.  She and we,  through divine providence landed in the hands of an Angel by the name of Angela Parham. 

IJADA is recovering, thriving, and beginning to express the gentle soul she is in the loving care of Angela. We are so gratefull to have been able to help her, and to have her in such a wonderful place as Spirit Run. In Spring of 2020, IJADA  will join our teaching herd of sanctuary mares in New York.

Thoroughbreds like IJADA have much life, light, and love to give. Our senior mares are the best teachers, and they melt even the most calloused hearts into a new consideration of the who-ness of horses.​​​