Susan Kayne

I am passionate about sharing the true worth of Horses, and Coloring Books are an educational and engaging way to reach new audiences with the joy and enrichment Horses bring to our human experience. 

With pens, pencils, pixels, and whimsy, my debut coloring book Thoroughbreds Unbridled celebrates the redeemed lives of eighteen Thoroughbreds rescued from an unspeakable end in slaughter plants. Each illustration is lovingly created in mixed media from real images of real Horses and adorned with illuminated design elements. The scenes range in complexity and invite you to dream big, explore your inner artist, and set free your imagination amid pleasant pastures and magical meadows. The name of each Horse is hand-lettered, and a percent of sales are donated and designated to their ongoing care and well-being.

 Welcome to my unbridled wonderland of equine delight. Together, we can color a new world for rescued Horses. ~ Susan

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