Susan is a tireless Equine Advocate.Every day she works on multiple fronts to right the wrongs that land Horses to Kill Pens where they are relegated for meat.  

In 2004, Susan founded UNBRIDLED THOROUGHBRED FOUNDATION to help safehouse and save the lives of slaughter-bound Racehorses. It is estimated that 20% of the 120,000+ American horses who are forced to die annually in Slaughter Plants in Canada & Mexico are Thoroughbreds.

Susan's advocacy against doping racehorses proved instrumental in influencing New York to restrict the use of Clenbuterol.



Susan Kayne

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Susan is a Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES), and serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Humane Educators(APHE).

She develops Equine Welfare Curriculums and Webinars to help ​strengthen the Horse-Human bond through respect, responsibility, empathy, and compassion.

Susan loves to share the joy of Horses!  

To learn more about Susan's Curriculums, Hands-On Equine Clinics, Coloring Books, WorkShops, or to Schedule a Speaking Engagement or ClassRoom Presentation click contact Susan.

Susan has created three original
Equine Lifestyle TV Series:
UNBRIDLED TV (2003-2013),
a groundbreaking advocacy series to raise awareness of the issues facing unwanted horses, and to reveal their true worth as friends, partners, teachers, and therapists.

Real Horse Rescues Podcast debuts in April. The series launch will feature and celebrate participants in the 5th Annual ASPCA #HelpAHorse Contest.