Susan is a lifelong Equestrian.

It is her personal mission to strengthen the horse-human bond through education, hands-on engagement, and opportunities for learners of all ages to discover who horses are as our companions, friends, and fellow sentient beings.

To truly connect with horses in a meaningful way, Susan believes that we must nurture a deeper understanding of how horses experience their own lives, and with that knowledge embolden a new ethical perspective to guide our approach in asking them to partner with us. 


Susan works tirelessly to end the exploitation, suffering, and slaughter of horses. Her acumen, advocacy, and voice for horses' has proven instrumental in influencing new legislation and laws to restrict abusive drugging practices, and to criminalize the transfer and transport of Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds for slaughter through New York. 


Susan is the President + Founder of UNBRIDLED THOROUGHBRED FOUNDATION

an organization she formed in 2004 to protect Thoroughbreds from cruelty, exploitation, and slaughter. 



Join with Susan to create #AKinderWorldForHorses and learn how you too can #BeAVoiceForHorses