Susan is a lifelong Equestrian.

Every day she is in the Stable to be hands-on with the horses and to nurture the knowledge of students to strengthen the horse-human bond.

As a Certified Humane Education Specialist (CHES),

Susan shares the real stories of #TheHorsesOfUnbridled as living textbooks to serve Curricula, Webinars, and Workshops.

To learn more about Susan's Philosophy, Hands-On Equine Clinics, Workshops, or to Schedule a Speaking Engagement, Field Trip, or Class Room Presentation click contact Susan.




Join with Susan to create #AKinderWorldForHorses and learn how you too can #BeAVoiceForHorses   

Susan is a tireless Equine Advocate.She is on a mission to right the wrongs that cause suffering to equine. 

Susan is the President + Founder of UNBRIDLED THOROUGHBRED FOUNDATION

an organization she formed in 2004. Unbridled protects Thoroughbreds from cruelty, exploitation, and slaughter. 

Susan's advocacy against doping racehorses proved instrumental in influencing New York to restrict the use of Clenbuterol.