As a lifelong equestrian, Susan Kayne is on a mission to fortify the horse-human bond. She aims to achieve this through educational initiatives, hands-on experiences, and opportunities for learners of all ages to see horses as more than just animals— but as companions, friends, and sentient beings.

 Armed with this understanding, we can adopt ethical practices that transform how we invite these magnificent creatures to partner with us.


As the President + Founder of Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation, Susan Kayne has dedicated herself to ending the suffering and slaughter of horses. 

Her authoritative voice in equine protections and welfare has globally influenced academia, fueled legislative changes against abusive drug use, and criminalized the trafficking of Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds for slaughter in New York. 



Join with Susan to create #AKinderWorldForHorses and learn how you too can #BeAVoiceForHorses