Susan is the Equine Care Manager at Equine Advocates Sanctuary in Columbia County (NY).  She is responsible for the well-being of over 80 magnificent equine beings -- each rescued from abuse, neglect, or slaughter.  To learn more email:


REAL HORSE RESCUES (ABC-WTEN) is an original groundbreaking equine advocacy series created and hosted by Susan Kayne. Episodes reveal the true worth of horses, and dire consequences they face without a retirement plan. Viewers learn backstories of redeemed horses -- once unwanted, now safe and shining in their new roles. 

Annually, 170,000+ purposefully-bred, domesticated, trusting horses are forced to die in Canada & Mexico ... Still young and full of life, horses ship to slaughter plants from racetracks, summer camps, backyards, and even elite breeding stables. They are weighed and brutally butchered. No one cares about their age, their trophies, or where they came from. Will you join Susan and be a voice for horses who are trapped in the slaughter pipeline? Connect on social media and #BeAVoiceForHorses.



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Each a muse.
A rhythm of breath.

Heart's thrum, mind's meaning.

Each a canvas.

A life reflected.

An ache worthy of soul.
A sentient.

Amid each, I am whole. 

Susan Kayne | 05.09.2016

 EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL NYC | One Stage. One Panel. Meet seven extraordinary individuals whose vision and passion has saved thousands of lives. Listen in on the Horse Defenders' Panel moderated by Susan and learn how you too can become a Horse Defender in your community.




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